Friday, May 19, 2006


Y'all Sheed Sheed Sheed Sheed Sheed Sheed!

Great game, and I was completely correct when I told my buddy Kevin that we'd probably get a more fair whistle in this game if they just let Mike Brown & LeBron James call fouls. Because even they wouldn't have had the audacity to call some of the crap that the refs whistled in that game (the best example was Rip's second foul....he touched LeBron on the shorts. And the shorts weren't even touching his body at the time). But the Pistons overcame the officiating and some horrendous free throw shooting to send it back to the D for Game 7. The home-court edge might be offset by the fact that it's obvious the NBA wants LeBron v. Wade (get it? Like the court case?) in the Conference Championship, but you still have to like the Pistons' chances.

One point that I wanted to make after the last game, but held off because I wasn't sure if it was appropriate to say: If you're Larry do you miss four playoff games? It's just horrible what happened to him and his family, and I'm trying to not be crude about this, but how do you miss four playoff games? That's almost two weeks. My dad even agreed with me on this one, so I knew I wasn't just being an insensitive ass. If that's what he needs to grieve, then I'm sure the Cavs don't have a problem with it, but I find it really, really odd....

Time for my own hockey game so I'm out.

And great work by Ritter striking out 15 and pitching a no-hitter for the Wolverines. Way to open up the title defense in the NCAA Tourney, girls!


Colin said...

Hey the guys are playing well with the bats and gloves and such too. They could make the tournament, which is certainly rare. They're ranked like 27th, which means they aren't getting out of regionals, but hey that's better than sucking.

Of course if it means that softball and baseball have to suck for hockey and football to be let's do what we have to do.

Packer487 said...

Yeah the guys pulled off an outright Big Ten Championship today! Maloney has definitely done an impressive job. It's nice to see both our bat and ball sports doing well. And how bout those renderings of what the new stadiums will look like. Holy crap!

Do you think Tommy Amaker had a seizure when he found out that baseball and softball are getting new stadiums and football is getting a $200 million+ renovation?

Colin said...

They look fantastic. I hope they finish before I leave.

And the Big Ten right now is in a position that any one school that devotes resources to creating a winning atmosphere could effectively start a dynasty. There are so many really bad teams (16th in conference RPI) that it shouldn't take much. This finish plus the new stadium should be a boon to recruiting.