Wednesday, May 17, 2006

One More....

And we can officially close out the worst year in the history of sports.

But, it's LeBron vs. Wade, like everyone (read: The NBA and its officials) want to see, so that's cool.

Anyone wanna know how many times Chauncey Billups fouled out this season? Twice before tonight. Twice. And once was in a double-overtime game. He averaged two fouls a game this season. Just saying....It's not like he's an MVP candidate or an All-Defensive team member or anything.

And Ben Wallace? I know the wrist is hurt and all. But sack up. 0 for 7 at the line? Are you kidding me? 0 for 7? I can do better than that, and I'm not gonna be making $10 million anytime soon.

I'm beyond sick of it when the best play the Pistons come up with in a late game situation is to flail around and pretend they got fouled. Billups does it all the time. They're not going to bail you out with 2 seconds left in the game.

The best play of the night was the no-call on James for pushing Billups to the ground to get after a loose ball and the subsequent technical on Flip Saunders. No sir, can't put the King in a position where he might have to come out, nope. But 6 on the MVP candidate, all-defensive team member? Why not.

At least if there's any team that knows how to come back, it's the Pistons. But I think they'd get a more fair shake in Game 6 if the NBA let Mike Brown and LeBron have whistles. It's gonna be hella-fun.

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