Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Lost in the Shuffle

Lost in my week of simmering after the Wings sucked it up in the first round yet again were two very important happenings.

Awwwwww yeah.

Favre's coming back, which kept a smile on my face even as I watched the Wings go down. And Woodson a Green Bay Packer?? HAIL YES!

There really weren't too many people that had a better week that week than Ted Thompson. Favre came back, he landed one of the prizes of the free agent class (coupled with signing Ryan Pickett and keeping Aaron Kampman earlier in the offseason), then he had what was by all accounts (apart from John Clayton and the guy from the Dallas Morning News who stated they got themselves 5 starters on Day 1 then gave them a C- overall) an outstanding draft.

Abdul Hodge in the third round? Yes please.

I'm trying to not get myself too worked up over Green Bay's draft since it seems that every time people like their draft (e.g. 2001) it's horrible, and every time people hate their draft (e.g. 2000) it ends up being great. But I have to admit that I'm getting pretty excited about their defense. They were in the top ten in the league last year (and somehow had the #1 pass defense), and they've added Pickett, Woodson, Ben Taylor, AJ Hawk, Abdul Hodge, and Marquand Manuel in the offseason. A linebacking corps of Barnett, Hawk and Hodge sounds great, and having Woodson and Harris on the corners is going to make it pretty difficult to throw on them.

If they find someone to catch the ball, this team could actually be pretty good next year. And Favre did make Bill Schroeder into a 1,000 yard receiver. I'm ready for football.

But in the meantime, I suppose there's still an NBA title to win, eh? And to that, courtesy of the RCMB:

I guess that I should mention this since this is a college hockey blog and all....Zac MacVoy left to go to the USHL and hopefully earn a scholarship to another school. I'm going to miss Zac. He didn't do much here, but I still think he's going to be a solid player for someone. The good thing is that it helps to spread out that big class a little bit.

Lastly, even if this is true, doesn't it make you chuckle a little bit to see in print?

If there's a question mark, then it's probably in the goal, but Justin Tobe played well in spot duty behind John Daigneau last year.

Yes Spartan fan, that Justin Tobe. Put it this way, if he's starting for Harvard next year, I don't like their chances very much. That guy was BAD.

And one more time, because it looks so nice....

Fuck yeah.


Packer487 said...

Gotta throw in the "If we have a goalie" caveat. In terms of the 18 skaters, there aren't a lot of teams with more talent than Michigan (and I doubt anyone will be deeper on the blueline if everyone comes back for us).

The big question mark is between the pipes, and unfortunately that's the worst place to have one....

Flop said...

Holy Schnikes, is Woodson wearing No. 2 there?

Packer487 said...

That he is. He's listed as #21 on the Packers roster, but he apparently really wants to wear #2 (Which frankly would be the most bad-ass thing ever).

He's petitioning the NFL to let him wear it, though they're probably going to say no, unless they decide that letting Reggie Bush keep #5 would be a nice marketing move.

I wish they'd get it settled though because I really want a CWood jersey ASAP. It'd be so sweet if he can wear #2 though.

robert paulson said...

Yeah, the Pack definitely have an awesome offseason going. Woodson? Hawk? Hodge? Pickett? Could it get any better? Oh yeah, they unloaded jackass Javon Walker and got Greg Jennings. Their draft was just a hoarding of talent. I can't believe Hodge dropped that low considering he and Greenway were nearly identical in IC. Definitely looking forward to bigger and better things this year.

It'd be especially sweet if Woodson stayed healthy and flashed his All Pro talent.

Packer487 said...

Yeah, I love the sound of crickets coming from the Thompson bashing camp.

I'm trying not to get overly excited about the draft until the guys get on the field, but I'm very optimistic about it. They really need someone out of Ferguson, Boerighter, Gardner, Jennings to pan out as a legit #2 WR. They also need 3 guys to step up in the interior line, but apart from that the team looks pretty darn good, at least on paper.

Gotta stay healthy. Can't wait to see Woodson in action in the green and gold!