Thursday, May 11, 2006

Story Time

Alright, since I've got absolutely nothing to talk about today (Pistons off day, Wings still piss me off, pretty much a dead day for Michigan news) I think it's story time.

One quick comment before the story though: At this point, is there really any reason to continue having the Challenge Cup? Pontiac pulled out earlier this year as title sponsor, I believe Fox Sports has trimmed back coverage, and honestly it's not so much a competition. The Challenge Cup has been around for 3 years now, and Michigan has held possession of the Cup for all nine seasons that it has been awarded. Sparty, you suck at life. Deal with it.

Now to the story:

I take you to Columbus, Ohio (BOOOO!) in January of 2005. Michigan hockey was in town to play the Buckeyes (and coincedentally, the women's club hockey team--which I have several friends on--was playing down there as well). So me and several of my friends decided to make the trip and catch 4 hockey games in a 3 day span.

Well, Shawn Crable's girlfriend at the time worked in the media relations office, and with Shawn being from Ohio and all, they decided to make the trip as well and their seats were right next to ours for one of the men's games.

It happened right away that some Buckeye fans behind us noticed Shawn's Big 10 Championship ring, and started to taunt him about how the Buckeyes had beaten us that year. Shawn turns around, points at his ring, and says "I got two of these! You guys can keep on going to the Motor City Bowl or whatever. That is not a good bowl. Unless you're making $13 million, that's not a good bowl!" Shut them right up...

So the game continues, and Crable had obviously never been to a hockey game before. The Buckeyes get a power play, and it's pretty quiet in our section. All of a sudden, he looks at the ice and just yells, "WHY WE ONLY GOT FOUR GUYS???!!!!!"

Pretty much floored all of us. That was good times.

One other note from the trip...we went to the women's game that night and made the decision to get plastered before the game. In addition, we brought a liter water bottle into the game filled with our drink of choice. By the end of the first period we weren't feeling any pain. So this girl on the Buckeyes (and I use the term very very loosely), decides that it'd be a good idea to run Michigan's goalie (who happened to be one of our good friends) a full 3 seconds after the play. The official gives her five and a game for charging and we got the "Ooooooooh CYA" chant going. She had to walk right behind us to get to the locker room, and as she walked by I turned around and said "Drive home safely!"

The girl flipped out. She pulled her stick back like it was a baseball bat and yelled at us "YOU PUSSIES GONNA BRING IT????" She was met with lots and lots of laughter and an "Are you serious?" comment from my buddy Scott. She then stormed into the locker room.

That was good times.


Anonymous said...

haha... oh memories

Anonymous said...

Oh good times. I'll never forget when that girl wrecked me, she was out of control.