Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Hahaha! Stupid Avs

The Avs just made a trade that makes less sense than the Joseph to Ottawa to back up Hasek trade that CNNSI speculated about.

They moved David Aebischer, who actually had started to play pretty well as of late, to the Canadiens for Jose Theodore. Straight up. The same Jose Theodore who has been doing his best Jim Carey Post-Vezina-winning impression for the last two seasons.

Now that right there is iffy enough, but then when you take into account that they just traded their starting goalie for a goalie that won't be healthy for at least two more weeks due to a broken heel, the trade looks even worse. The Avs are in a major playoff fight. They're up by 6 points on 9th place Anaheim, but the Ducks have 3 games in hand. LA and Edmonton just got better. They're both behind Colorado. And the Avs are starting.....Peter Budaj coming down the stretch. Don't they almost have to make a trade for another goalie now?

Not a real good day for Michigan hockey alums. Tambellini got moved to the Islanders and Hilbert got waived. Good thing he went pro early.

Good thread on The Wolverine board about who everyone thinks should start in net this weekend. I'll go with Sauer. Even though it was a long time ago, he was great against BC and he's been a lot better at home with the students than he has been on the road. I think the chances of him getting hot and leading us to a title are better than the chances of Ruden doing it. Plus the experience will help him next year. But they're both pretty much the same at this point. And if the team doesn't improve their overall play, it wouldn't matter if we had Ken Dryden in there...

Lastly, a great article by Chris, the author of Western College Hockey. He has a new blog called Sports Writers Journal. This article about Steve Yzerman was just absolutely outstanding. As soon as I started reading it, I was thinking "Crap, I need to write something about Stevie Y", but after reading this, pretty much anything I have to say would be redundant. He did a great job.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I don't get WTF the Avs were thinking when they pulled the trigger on this one. It's not like Theodore can even play right now to get used to his new teammates. Hilarious.

And I'm in the Sauer camp for this weekend. Play him Friday and then Saturday if he plays well. If not, Ruden goes in Saturday, and then Sunday I would presume if needed. It's the only thing that makes logical sense really, unless Ruden has been lights-out in practice this week.

Packer487 said...

The funniest part to me is that yes, maybe Jose is the better choice for the playoffs (and that's a huge maybe....yeah he won MVP 4 years ago, but Aebischer was a Vezina candidate in the last NHL season was he not?? They've both been bad this year) but who the hell is going to start for you in net to GET you in the playoffs? It ain't gonna be Peter Budaj that's for sure....I don't think the Avs get in unless they swing another trade today to vastly improve their team/land a stopgap goalie.

Agree with your choice in goalies this weekend...