Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Black Thursday

Quick hitters:

Someone has uploaded to Google Video a wonderful highlight reel of Alex Ovechkin's young career. It's not fair some of the things this kid does. Personal favorites: The shot up under the bar in a shootout against Calgary, the goal from his back which may have been the best goal since Mike Legg, and the play against Nashville where he skates into a guy trying to check him, he knocks the Predator player over, and doesn't miss a stride. Just sick. It's almost a crime that he's wasting away in Washington. Can you imagine if he was in a major NHL market like Detroit, Toronto, or Montreal? It's sad because I really would love to see him play more often.

I downloaded the Measly Penny song that the Michigan football players recorded and Frat Boy Missionaries so graciously hosted (HT: MgoBlog for linking it). Sadly it is nowhere near as good as its Miami counterpart. No classic lines like "Multiply that bitch up dawg, you get my dick size", the intro wasn't as funny as "This song in its entirety is not meant to disrespect any women in its entirety", no arguments about if a rubber was worn or not. Granted the 7th Floor Crew is a lofty standard to hold anyone to, but the Mean Team doesn't measure up at all.

Black Thursday is already underway in the NFL with name guys like Stephen Davis and Lawyer Malloy amongst the early cuts. Basically no deal is good news for the Packers (at least for this upcoming season) as a fair number of the teams are over the cap and will have to cut some pretty talented players in an effort to comply with the cap by tomorrow. The Packers are one of about 5 teams with significant cap space--enough to make a major splash in free agency if they choose.

Jay Sharpe, a regular poster on two of the Packers boards I frequent, hosts a radio show out in California and attended the combine. According to this post, he was told by Reggie Bush that the Packers are one of the teams showing the most interest in moving up for him. Whether it's a smokescreen or actually true remains to be seen, but Sharpe is one of my favorite posters on those boards, and I believe that he was told what he says he was told. At this point though, I'm not so sure that I wouldn't prefer Green Bay to just stay where they're at and take Mario Williams, because he sounds like the second coming of Julius Peppers. 6'7" 295 and he's got a 40 inch vertical and runs a 4.7 40? Sign me up. This article is just glowing about his combine performance.

Tomorrow is going to be very interesting with all the cuts going on. Reading what the NFL writers from ESPN are saying, there could be some real big names let go. One thing that won't be happening is this:

Packers | Favre could be cut
Wed, 1 Mar 2006 15:11:10 -0800

Jarrett Bell, of USA Today, reports Green Bay Packers QB Brett Favre could possibly be cut Friday, March 3.

Yeah, I guess Favre could be cut. And tomorrow could start the next ice age. And Michigan hockey could learn how to play defense. And Spartan fans could not have an inferiority complex starting Friday....Buuuuut I bet they won't.

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