Saturday, March 11, 2006

Michigan 6, FSU 4

God if that game wasn't our season in a nutshell....get out to a real fast start, look like world beaters, and then forget how to play defense and make me want to pull my hair out.

Ebbett, Porter, Kal and Hunwick were great tonight. Thank God for Andrew Ebbett...that kid has just put this team on his back despite an incredible lack of support this year, but he just keeps getting it done. Jed would be proud.

I don't care how many points that anyone else had, Travis Turnbull should have been the #1 star. He may have saved our season with the shift of the year. Single-handedly kills off about a minute of the remaining time, then he keeps at it and scores a goal, even at the end of a long shift. Just absolutely outstanding.

Berenson threw the 4th line out there after it was 5-4 and Digger was doing everything he could to get the boys fired up. It might have worked.

Through two periods, that was as sound of a defensive game as we played all year. Jack and Hunwick wouldn't go in past the blueline, and the 2 occasions Jack did, he got his butt back as soon as he got rid of the puck. Johnson was in control of himself the entire game. It was really nice to see.

Funny moment on our 3rd (I believe) goal. Cogliano broke his stick and wasn't happy about it. So he turned to go toward the bench, so his back was to the play when the puck went in. The crowd went crazy, and you could see the exact moment it registered we scored, then he spun around and threw his arm up in the air.

I also yelled down to Molina that we miss his moustache. Ian, the equipment guy relayed the message and they both had a good laugh over it.

Ruden was solid when he needed to be. Hard to fault him on most of those goals. I have no problem with him getting the nod tonight, which he will. He looked VERY shaky in the first five minutes, and I was surprised we got out of it without giving up a goal. After he settled down he did ok though.

Tim Cook actually laid 2 people out. Very nice job getting physical. The one bad play was when he was out there with Mitera when they got split--that simply can't happen. Just haul the guy down if you're going to get beat like that.

I'd like to think they'll complete the sweep tonight, but I've watched this team too many times this year to expect it to actually happen. Here's hoping though. A win has to make us almost a lock for NCAAs....especially if Denver loses again.

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