Friday, January 06, 2006

Michigan 4, UAF 0

Fardig was awesome tonight. I thought he was outstanding tonight, whether he knocked that goal in or not. I was really disappointed to see MacVoy go off with an injury because that line had a few really good shifts.

Sauer played well even if there wasn't a ton of big time scoring chances. It was really nice to see him get rewarded with a shutout and for the defense to play well in front of him. He hasn't been at fault for some of those large goal totals lately. The defense just hasn't played well in front of him but tonight they did.

I didn't notice Cook out there, and that's a really good thing.

The brawl at the end was awesome. David Rohlfs has to be hacked off that he got a DQ for getting punched a bunch of times, and Turnbull and Johnson get roughing penalties for their incidents tonight. Turnbull pulled away from the ref twice to go hit someone else and didn't get the gate. Jack Johnson is quickly gaining legend status amongst the Michigan students I think. Everyone loves him.

Funniest moment of the game...after Jack railed on the one guy and popped someone else on the way into the box, they were lining up in the handshake line and Red Berenson made a specific trip over to the line and made a "calm down" motion with his hand to Jack--as if he was worried that Jack would punch someone in the handshake line. Just hilarious.

I still get the sinking feeling that we're going to be eliminated from the NCAAs on a bad giveaway in our own end. Still happens WAY too much. They were better about it in the 2nd and 3rd than they were out of the gate.

Kolarik also had a pretty nice game. Hopefully the MTU game and tonight will spring him to a great second half.

I sure hope MacVoy's ok though. I've been on the record several times as saying I'd like to see what he could do with a little more ice time.

Bailey had a nice goal too...great shot off a great feed. Not sure how they called that unassisted at first. He seems like he's settling in nicely.

Mitera has been watching Jack. During the second period he was in the corner to the right of Sauer and he pulled Jack's little fake-with-the-stick-up-around-his-shoulders-and-spin-back-the-other-way-with- the-puck move.

That game really didn't entertain me a whole lot til the last couple of minutes. I felt like it was pretty boring overall. But I suppose that's a good thing because it meant our defense was making it that way. No real adventures like we've seen the last couple months.

At least UAF didn't really run our goalie tonight. That's a change. There's a bunch of divers and cheap shot artists on that team.

Not sure what the deal was with the whole pulling the goalie and calling timeout in the last 2 minutes. They obviously wanted to get on the board, but pulling your goalie down 4-0? Umm...errr....

I thought Pochmara called a pretty good game. Got away from him a little bit at the end, but at least he didn't go tossing people for tomorrow. I'll take him over Wilkens, McInchak, Aaron, and Hall at the very least. I think that's the first time we've had him as a ref. Want to say he was a linesman before....

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