Monday, June 07, 2010


There hasn't been a ton going on lately, but it's been so long since I've written that I suppose a few things have piled up. So I give you some new stuff, some old stuff that I still want to comment on, and probably a few things that you don't care about.

First up, The Daily had another great article--this one about the evolution of the student section at Yost. I don't just say it's great because it has a few quotes from yours truly about the shining moment of the decade at Yost--the Molly game. All five pages of it are a great read. It's really well-researched and Mike has quotes from people that attended games in several different eras. The best part, however, is how the story goes full circle--from the Spartan fans filling up Yost to the "Children of Yost" packing Munn at the end of last season.

God that paper has come a long way. Today they have articles like this one during the offseason. We got season previews that picked Dan Ellis as CCHA Player of the Year after he had already friggin' left school.

The comments section on that article is bringing back a lot of good memories. "Mrs Cockburn", going through every college in Michigan (and some high schools) before getting to "If you can't get into X go to Ferris"....God I miss Yost.

Other stuff:
Jeff Jillson was a member of the HC Pardubice team that Dominik Hasek led to the Czech league title.

Talk that the CHL teams were going to be in NHL 2011 spawned some talk about if that would lead to a recruiting advantage for the Canadian junior teams. But fear not! It looks like the NCAA teams might be in the game as well, which would be AMAZING. In the era of downloadable rosters, it wouldn't be too hard for some enterprising souls to turn C 12 into Hagelin. And it would save me from having to make rosters made up of college alumni teams, like I do pretty much every year. That would turn the NHL 2011 release date into the way I used to feel about the NCAA football games.

Hagelin and Glendening will wear Cs next season, while Rust and Caporusso will be alternates. Good choices, all of them.

MGoBlog had a detailed look at the forwards, defense, and goaltending for next season. I think I already commented on the forwards part. A commenter in the goalie article says that our third goalie for next year will be a walk-on named Adam Janeck. I had heard that Summers wouldn't be back. I ran a quick Google search, and there's a goalie named Adam Janecyk that is from Michigan and played for Sioux City in 08-09. Worth mentioning....

DeBlois is for sure coming. Lessio attended Oshawa's camp, but the smart money is still on him ending up in Ann Arbor.

NHL Home Ice on XM runs little draft previews during commercial breaks, and I swear the Jack Campbell one eats a little bit of my soul every time I hear it.

Deadspin is a couple of years behind the times, but Charles Clinton's "Back to you, guys!" finally went mainstream.

Rules changes may be coming to a rink near you! MGoBlog, MHNet, and WCH had their takes on it. The rules committee will be meeting for the next four days in Indianapolis. On the docket:
-Half-shields vs. full cages. I vote keeping the full cages. I know people think that it causes a lot of shots to the head, but you see a guy like Yzerman get hit in the eye with a puck, and you wonder why everyone isn't wearing the full cage. 

-Various options for overtime:
Those options for games tied after regulation, in addition to the current format (five-on-five for five minutes): five-on-five for 10 minutes; four-on-four for five minutes; four-on-four for 10 minutes; five-on-five for five minutes, then four-on-four for five minutes; five-on-five for five minutes, then a shootout; and four-on-four for five minutes, then a shootout. The last is the method used by the NHL.
Gotta say, I kind of like the 5-on-5 for five minutes and then 4-on-4 for five minutes. I think you'd get a winner more often than not. I think I like watching shootouts more than I actually like the fact that they exist. 

-Officials: Don't care, but I'd like some that are competent. 

-Icing: Kind of like the idea of a hybrid icing rule. If a forward is clearly going to win the race, then it can be waived off, otherwise, it's no-touch icing. I don't care one way or the other about the attainable pass rule. They call it so randomly anyway. 

-I love the idea of making a team clear their zone on a delayed penalty in order to get a whistle. Sadly, apparently there's not much support for that one.

-I also really like the proposed change to not allow a team to change players if they shoot the puck over the glass in their own end. The automatic delay of game for that is the worst rule in hockey aside from the trapezoid, but treating it like an icing? I'm ok with that.

Western College Hockey also covered Jon Merrill and Jacob Fallon in their annual draft preview.

Alex Guptill is going to get a Top Prospect award from the OHA. Mike Cammalleri, Andrew Cogliano, and Jeff Carter are among the past recipients. Where will Guptill play next year?

Already committed to play for the University of Michigan in the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) either this year or in 2011, Guptill said his immediate future, including where he might play come winter, will become more clear at the end of June.
“It is all up to — if a (NHL) team takes me — what their stance is and then Michigan’s,” Guptill said. “It will go from there.”

I think part of me is still pissed about the way the season ended. After Galarraga's should-have-been perfect game, and the reaction of the Detroit fans after Joyce's apology, the thought that immediately jumped to mind was how that was the perfect way to handle the situation, and how it was the exact opposite of what happened in the wake of our loss to Miami. Show contrition. Admit you blew the call. Apologize. People are forgiving. Don't make the ref available for comment and have some asinine explanation that he got the call right because he lost sight of it....ERRRRRR the guy touched the puck? People stay pissed. Can you imagine what the reaction of the Detroit crowd would have been the next day if Joyce had said, "I got the call right because in my mind the guy beat the throw?" There wouldn't have been cheers, I assure you.

I can't promise this site is going to be updated with any consistency for the rest of the summer, but I'll try to not go another month between posts.


Anonymous said...

Great to get some good hockey discussion in June. Despite big worries about goalie play I'm ready for the season (my first one back in AA since 03!). Thanks for the post!

MHNet said...

I'm in favor of making half shields *optional.* Regardless of any injury statistics, players still want the change as do the coaches. I don't see anything wrong in giving them the choice to wear half shields if so they choose, and if not then they can still wear the full mask. Give it a try for a few years and if everyone starts getting their teeth knocked out, then revert back to full masks for everyone.

streaker said...

Thanks for the update, Tim. And an apology from anybody (re: officiating mistakes)in the NCAA or in the NHL would take a miracle. I bet Red is still waiting.