Friday, June 25, 2010

Merrill not Drafted in Round One

The first round of the NHL Entry Draft concluded tonight and Jon Merrill did not hear his name called. He should go very early tomorrow.

De-commit Jack Campbell was selected 11th overall by the Dallas Stars, which is interesting because in addition to Turco, they also drafted the last goalie to commit to Michigan and end up in the OHL instead (Jason Bacashihua). And, come to think of it, they drafted Michigan de-commit Matt Nickerson as well. Things didn't work out so hot for the last two. Hopefully things go a lot better for the goalie formerly known as JMFC. I suppose I have a thought as to where Jared Knight will end up tomorrow.

Also mentioned was that the Oilers were looking to get back into the first round and offered up Andrew Cogliano for the 15th pick, but were turned down.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like sour grapes. You guys are just big whiners! Not winners!

Geoffrey Chiles said...


Go back to your cave.

Packer487 said...

What was sour grapes? That I said I hope that Campbell does a lot better than the other two decommits that Dallas drafted? I want Campbell to have a helluva career.

He seems like a good kid, he's from a great family, and he decided he wanted to fast-track to the NHL. It's going to hurt Michigan for one season to not have him, but we'll better be able to recruit a future goalie without him here.

streaker said...

So why do OHL/Windsor fans read your site, Tim? Why don't they offer up a name, too? I guess being superior in all things hockey is enough of a reason to be snarky. Like all things cyclical, it will change.

Anonymous said...

This is my first entry on a blog, and my son does his own talking, so it will probably be my last.
Jack feels very badly about de-committing, but I can tell you everything he has said has been heartfelt. Back in the fall when he made the statements that he would be at UM and how much he was looking forward to it; he was being honest. It is just that reality hit him in the face with the NLI and it forced him to make a decision as he was not going to sign that NLI and then possibly go back on his word in June. What Jack has gone through with his acceleration of development is very unusual and was not predictable. And, without getting into the details, the position of goalie has something to do with it. I know Jack (and his parents) has the utmost respect and appreciation towards UM, the hockey program, the players, and most importantly the coaches. UM faithful should be appreciative of what great character men they have as coaches. Coach Berenson, Pearson, and Powers have been nothing but class acts through a very difficult situation. The Campbell family will always be rooting for the UM hockey program, their coaches and players. Go Blue!