Sunday, July 26, 2009

Having a Seat Over There: Lucas Lessio Update

Lucas Lessio still hasn't decided if he'll play a year at St. Mike's and then come be a Wolverine or if he'll go to the OHL, but he is headed to Niagara's camp.

Ice Dogs' General Manager Dale Brown seems to think that the longer this goes, the better his team's chances are of landing the player who would be eligible to join Michigan's vaunted incoming class of 2010.

"He hasn't committed to either school or the OHL," Brown said of Lessio, who has a scholarship offer from the University of Michigan. "The longer it goes, the better for us. I think if school made 100 per cent sense for him, he would have committed to it already.


I think at the end of the day, he'll end up choosing here because he'll see it's the best thing for him and his career."
As a counter to that last point, let me offer the following:

Wolverines who played in the NHL this year:
Mike Brown
Mike Cammalleri
Andrew Cogliano
Mike Comrie
Andrew Ebbett
Dwight Helminen
TJ Hensick
Andy Hilbert
Matt Hunwick
Mike Knuble
Mike Komisarek
John Madden
Brendan Morrison
David Moss
Eric Nystrom
Jed Ortmeyer
Max Pacioretty
Kevin Porter
Jeff Tambellini
Mike Van Ryn
Aaron Ward
Marty Turco
Al Montoya

That's 1,335 games played and a line of 203-286--489.

Niagara/Mississauga Ice Dogs who played in the NHL last year:
Cody Bass (12 games)
Luca Caputi (5 games)
Daniel Carcillo (74 games)
Dustin Jeffrey (14 games)
Brian McGrattan (5 games)
Patrick O'Sullivan (81 games)
Alex Pietrangelo (8 games)
Kyle Quincey (72 games)
Rob Schremp (4 games)
Jason Spezza (82 games)

357 games played and a line of 57-119--176. Thank you Spezza.

Just sayin'.


MHNet said...

I thought your counterpoint was just going to be Mike Comrie with Hilary Duff :)

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

What he meant was... that the better route to get to the NHL is through the CHL... not the NCAA.

12 of the first 15 players selected in this years draft played in the CHL last season.

How many of the top 15 players came from the NCAA?

Zero, Zip, Zilch, Nada, Nobody, etc

Point being... the CHL puts more players in the NHL by far.

Packer487 said...

There were 7 players drafted from the OHL in the first round this past season.

There were 6 players drafted in the first round who are slated to play college hockey. It was 7 before John Moore decided to sign with Columbus instead of heading to CC.

The OHL does put a lot of players into the NHL. It's too bad almost none of them come from the franchise that Lessio would be playing for.

Michigan could very well have more alumni in the NHL than any other team, regardless of league.

Dave Astles said...
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Dave Astles said...

looks like Lessio has chosen Michigan... he is not at Ice Dogs training camp today and scuttlebutt around the rink is that he has left the team... although no official reports have confirmed this good luck to him if this is what he has chosen

as for the whole comparing the Ice Dogs NHL alumnus and Michigan Alumnus... I don't think this is fair based on the fact that the Ice Dogs franchise is about 10 years old versus a very long history for your Wolverines... just sayin'