Friday, July 24, 2009

We're Getting Closer

The Alumni Game will, in fact, be July 31. It will feature two games--an Under-35 game and an Over-35 game--and it will be free this year. Notables playing for the U-35s are JMFJ, Andrew Ebbett, Hobey Porter, Hobey 1a Kolarik, Drew Cogs, and the new millionaire Matt Hunwick.

Speaking of Hunwick, here's an article about his recovery from the spleen injury suffered in the playoffs and how JMFJ's contract might have helped to set the market for Hunwick.

Another indication that the B's are looking for big things out of their young defensemen, including Hunwick, is that Aaron Ward was traded back to Carolina today. There are a ton of quotes from Ward in that story. He seems very happy to be headed back to the Canes and is thankful the Bruins sent him there.

Anybody know anything about the hockey jerseys that Brian mentioned in his post today? It'd never happen, but how cool would it be to see Michigan go all Montreal Canadiens and wear all the different jerseys from their history one season? They could go from the jerseys below (which actually are kind of bad-ass) and the jerseys in the other picture in the linked post all the way up to the god-awful ones they busted out at the GLI a few years back.

Then as an added bonus, Adidas could slip in some jerseys that we've never worn and will never wear to see if anyone notices.

A loud curse word went out from these parts when I saw the USHL schedule and realized the only time that the NTDP plays at Cedar Rapids (where Bennett and DeBlois are playing) is the week I'll be out of the lower-48 on business. Luckily though, the NTDP is playing the Badgers this year. I'm in for that one for sure. Hopefully Campbell will be in net.

The new roster is up on MGoBlue. Chris Brown will wear #10, Kevin Lynch gets Kevin Porter's #11, Moffie is #13, Rohrkemper will wear #22, Lindsay Sparks gets #39, and AJ Treais has #21. Capt28 breaks down the changes in height/weight from last year.

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