Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Jeff Rohrkemper to Join 09-10 Wolverines

MICHO is reporting that Jeff Rohrkemper--a Grosse Pointe native who most recently played forward with the Sioux Falls Stampede in the USHL--will join the Wolverines this upcoming season. (Good find by Alnike at the Yost Post.)

Rohrkemper had a 8-17--25 line with a +6 rating in 60 games this season. He had 7-6--13 in 54 games the previous year. He had 75 PIMs over the two years he played in the USHL. Pointstreak lists him at 5'11", 177.

He wore #10 with the Stampede, so there's probably a good chance he ends up with that at Michigan as well (unless one of our other recruits wore 10 and I just didn't notice).

Quote from the coach:
"I think Jeff is a valuable recruit for Michigan,” said Sioux Falls head coach Kevin Hartzell. “He can play the role of a third-line center – meaning he can play against other top lines, win face-offs and be dependable in all situations.”

For lots and lots of photos, click here.

He was first-team all state in Michigan in 2007 while playing for Grosse Pointe North.

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Hawks Fan said...

Maybe I'm getting ahead of myself, but I'm wondering how the roster is shaping up and if it's complete for the up coming season. We've filled 25 of the 27 spots; 27 is the limit right? I'm assuming those two spots are being kept open as there are 5 Srs and 7 2010 commits, 8 if Lessio comes to A2. That would assume an early exit by someone or keeping 1 of those recruits out until 2011

Alton said...

There's no official limit, but the last I heard was that the university-imposed limit is 26. Michigan has always tried for 26 (15 forwards, 8 defensemen and 3 goalies), whether it is an official limit or not. It looks to me like Michigan has 25 players for the 2009/10 season right now--they will be short one goalie, and might arrange for a walk-on from the club team to be available on an emergency basis. They certainly won't be able to go out and recruit another goalie with Campbell coming in next year.

For the 2010/11 season, we will have Ciraulo, Elmblad, Kampfer, Lebler and Summers departing, and we semi-officially have Bennett, Campbell, Clare, Fallon, Merrill and Moffatt coming in, for a full roster of 26 (not taking into account any early departures). This is not counting Deblois and Guptill (who could come in either in 2010 or 2011, I think) and also not counting Lessio.

Of course, it seems reasonable to expect one or two spaces opening up on the 2010/11 roster; it happens every year.