Saturday, June 27, 2009

Three Players Selected; Omaha to the WCHA

Future Wolverines Chris Brown (Rd 2-Phoenix), Kevin Lynch (Rd 2-Columbus), and Mac Bennett (Rd 3-Montreal) were selected today in the NHL Entry Draft.

Brown becomes the fifth Wolverine in the Coyotes organization, joining Kevin Porter, Chad Kolarik, Al Montoya, and Chris Summers. Bennett joins Max Pacioretty and Mike Komisarek as a member of the Montreal franchise.

The New England Hockey Journal caught up with the newest Hab who was in Montreal for the draft.

WPRI had an interview (pre-draft) with Bennett and his father before they headed to Montreal. There are some good highlights of Mac in there, including a sick little pass at about the 2:40 mark.

INCH has a quick bit about Bennett where he says he'd like to compare himself to a Mike Green type.

MGoBlog chimes in. Definitely a plus that Brown went to an organization that has a history of letting guys from Michigan stay in school. Kolarik and Porter played four years, and they don't seem to be pushing Summers to turn pro. He also makes a point that Montreal is a scary place for Mac Bennett to have gone, given that they took Komo (2 years) and Pacioretty (1 year) early and he still has another year of juniors before arriving at Michigan. Don't listen to them, Mac! Our 2010 team is gonna be nasty! :-)

The bleachers at Yost are going to get replaced. No more playing games of "Is today the day someone falls through?" (HT MGoBlog)

Phoenix's official website has a video interview with Brown. He seems like he's pretty happy to have ended up there--and probably doesn't want to see that team move. About Michigan, "I'm going there, hopefully for a couple of years [before moving to Phoenix]."

The other news is that UNO is officially headed to the WCHA, along with Bemidji State, in 2010-11. While the CCHA wouldn't comment on a 12th team, it seems pretty reasonable to assume that Alabama-Huntsville will be joining the conference. I'm just happy that it looks like the conferences were able to work out the logistics so that two programs (including one that just made the Frozen Four) wouldn't have to fold.

I guess the question now becomes, what happens when the time arrives for another school to start up a D-1 program. Does this kill Moorhead's chances of creating a program (if the CCHA takes UAH)? Will they create a Big Ten Hockey Conference (I know, I know) and open up slots for several teams? It's interesting that in saving two teams, they've effectively sealed off hope of future Western expansion without starting another new conference.

I'll miss UNO. On the bright side for them, after they move to the WCHA they'll beat Michigan about as often as they currently do.


streaker said...

"I'll miss UNO. On the bright side for them, after they move to the WCHA they'll beat Michigan about as often as they currently do."

That about sums it up, Tim. But the cow bangers are excited in Omaha, and they get to antagonize a new group of arrogant fans. I'll miss them for the entertainment value and the total disgust and hatred for Michigan. Maybe they can follow suit and vicariously ride the coattails of "the best conference ever" just like Tech does.

Anonymous said...

I will miss the visiting coed that sits in the front row of the visitors section wearing a very effective push-up bra

Anonymous said...

You mean the one with the Hee-Haw style hat and the annoying blinking Mav pin?

Was her first name Daisy?