Friday, June 12, 2009

Moffie and Sparks are Official


Billy Powers cited Moffie as a potential power play quarterback, who comes in with credentials similar to Chad Langlais (except younger than Chad was when he came in). He cited Sparks's skating ability as a strength.


Brent said...

You want Hossa back? You're welcome to him. He doesn't seem to understand that a championship (the Stanley Cup especially) is earned, not something that you can just "sign up" for. Hey, if I buy a Red Wings sweater in the off-season, will Holland send me a contract to sign to wear it to work every day? He can pay me $1.00 and send me the ring the Wings win in 2010...does that sound like a plan, or what?

It's not Hossa's fault that the Wings lost, that's true. The Penguins just played with more heart and put out a more complete effort from the star players who've never seen a minute of pro hockey outside the NHL to the guys who worked their way onto the roster from Wilkes-Barre/Scranton in the American league. I know you're a bonafide Wings fan, but you should probably give the Pens credit for doing something that no NHL team has been able to do for the past two NHL playoff seasons. Your guys lost to a very good team and there's no dishonor in admitting that.

Packer487 said...

That's another opinion that I just don't understand. No one was saying "You can't just sign up to win the Cup" when he signed on. It was all about the guy passing up the HUGE guaranteed contract for a shot at getting the elusive ring.

Now, he has a "bad" playoff and suddenly he was just along for the ride and wanted to ride the coattails of real players to the Cup.

No way. The guy performed much better than he was given credit for in Ottawa (see two posts above). He ripped it up for Pitt last year, and he didn't have a BAD playoff this year for Detroit, no matter what anyone wants to say.

I don't have it in me to give the Penguins credit yet. I tip my hat to them for winning two game sevens on the road and coming from 2-0 down twice in one playoff (and winning 4 of 5 against the best team in the league 15 years running).

Every Wings fan out there knows that even though the Wings didn't play up to snuff, Pitt still had to go out and win the Cup. Whether we're ready to admit it yet is another story. And there's no dishonor in that either. :-)

I just can't bring myself to congratulate Malkin and his fists of fury, Crosby and his vagina, or Chris Kunitz (who I hate from his days at FSU). I don't need to. Everyone knows what it took to win the Cup and it would sound like sour grapes (and it may be somewhat) if I said that I still think the Wings are the better team (though Pittsburgh probably was in that series, Game 5 aside).

I will say that I think Bylesma did a phenomenal job, and in the interviews he gave he seemed like a really good guy.