Saturday, April 11, 2009

Another Huge Night at U18s

First off, congrats to BU and thank you for not being the second Boston school in three years to blow it against a CCHA team that I didn't really want to win the title.

This is going to sound like a "Thank you Ken Daniels" comment, but hear me out. BU won this tournament because they were that talented. They didn't play well in the tournament. They should have lost to UNH. They probably shouldn't have beaten Vermont. I fully expected Miami to win the game tonight because they're better than either of those teams and they were getting good goaltending and were playing well. And Miami was a minute away from pulling it off. But BU was talented enough to win even when they weren't playing well. What a fantastic goal to tie it. BU was the best team all year, it was a well-deserved championship.

Up in Fargo the U-18s beat Finland 4-3 and once again it was the future Wolverines carrying the Americans. AJ Treais scored the first goal, Kevin Lynch assisted on the second goal, Lynch scored the third goal, and Chris Brown scored the game-winner from Lynch.

Lynch has six points in two games so far. How much is his stock going up?

Oakville lost last night and now trails the OJHL Championship 3 games to 1. Not looking real good for Lindsay Sparks's team.

Louie Caporusso and Aaron Palushaj were named West All-Americans. Congrats to them. This is the fourth time in the last five years that Michigan has had multiple guys named All-America.

Al Montoya had another impressive performance in a win over the President's Trophy winners. Kind of makes me think that he could lead us to some wins over JP Lamoureux and the UND all-stars, no? ::evil grin::


Jason said...

Just got back from the NCAA Championship Game and I'm proud to say that there were numerous Michigan fans in attendance.

"Terrier and Redhawks return to full strength... They both still suck!"

Anonymous said...

I have to feel bad for Miami. I couldn't decide who I actually wanted to win before but the way Miami was playing kind of won me over. They pretty well dominated BU in the 3rd (till that last minute). But I wholeheartedly agree that BU won on talent. Miami held that 3-1 lead but I knew every time that Wilson went into Miami's zone that there was a huge chance of them scoring and even though Reichard made a bunch of HUGE saves they just couldn't hold BU off.
Sick game though all around. Only part I hated was the way BU won. The most random lucky deflection I've probably ever seen. I wish it had been a cooler looking goal

Anonymous said...

I agree with previous poster that I didn't know who I was really pulling for. I hate MIA more than any other CCHA team, but at the same time they were the underdog and a CCHA team. Wasn't the WCHA supposed to be the most dominant conference?

Anonymous said...

Video of World U18 Championship

US vs Finland

Highlights of goals by Treais, Lynch and Brown.