Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Favre Retires

Thanks for everything, Brett. Football just got a whole lot less fun.


Kohl for Assembly said...

Too bad he couldn't go out on a Super Bowl championship, but thanks for everything, Brett. I've been a Packer's fan since my very first breaths in Janesville, WI. I'm now 19 and (not remembering my first 2-3 years of life) I've never seen another quarterback start a game for the beloved Packers. Hopefully Aaron Rodgers can step it up or else its a football season to focus on the Maize and Blue (not that that looks that great right now either...)

Eric J. Burton said...

I didn't think he was going to retire this year. A tough break but at least I won't have to see him killing the Vikes anymore.

Anonymous said...

I agree about the less fun part. GB should still be a legit playoff team with Rogers. My favorite team had one of the best quarterbacks EVER for 17 years and it was a complete joy. Get your tickets now for Canton baby. First ballot and I am there. GoBlue/GoPackGo...always.