Monday, March 10, 2008

Vaughan Breaks His Jaw

Michigan's defense corps took another hit this weekend despite not playing a game. Freshman Scooter Vaughan broke his jaw ($ link) in two places while wrestling with a teammate (not that I have any reason whatsoever to doubt the report, but that sounds a little too "Josh Blackburn moving a refrigerator" to me) and had surgery today (free stuff from Mlive).

Red stated in his interview that he hopes this isn't a season-ending injury but that Vaughan will more than likely miss this weekend's games. He said that he guesses it isn't out of the question that Vaughan could feel fine on Thursday and play, but that it's probably not likely.

He also said that Kolarik has been participating in practice and indicated that it's very possible that he'll play this weekend. It's dependent upon Chad not having a setback in the next few days as he participates in more contact drills. We're very fortunate if Kolarik is able to return that quickly from an injury that looked as if it could be season-ending based on the amount of pain he seemed to be in. I'm happy for Kolarik that it appears as if he'll get to play another game at Yost after all.

It sounds as if Eric Elmblad will get the first crack at filling in this weekend, with Danny Fardig being the emergency defenseman. Talk about baptism by fire. Nothing like having your first game coming in the CCHA Tournament. Helpful hint: Don't take a hitting from behind game misconduct, kay?


Anonymous said...

Of all the dumb luck. Red indicated that he hasn't talked to Vaughn, so he is taking the story at face value.

This team keeps having to play thru adversity. I hope this one doesn't bite them too hard.

pz said...

Seems to me that it would be tough to break your jaw in two places without getting hit in the face with a fist or other blunt object.

That, or a REALLY unfortunate fall / angle. Either way, I hope Scooter is back in time for the Joe - we need him on the blue line if we are going to win the CCHA tourney.