Tuesday, December 04, 2007

The Damage for World Juniors

As I reported earlier, Carl Hagelin will miss the GLI so that he can play for Team Sweden and the US has just announced that Chris Summers, Max Pacioretty, and Matt Rust will also represent their country.

MSU, Michigan Tech nor Providence will be short-handed for the annual holiday tournament.

I still think with the depth on this team--particularly in light of the news that Louie Caporusso should be 100% by the GLI--this is a year that we can finally win this tournament again, and I'll be extremely disappointed if it doesn't happen. I don't deny that the attrition has been a big factor in the past, but at some point you have to stop using it as an excuse and suck it up to beat a team that might be more talented, due to outside factors.

This team has been full of surprises. It's high time they surprise us with a win in the GLI. That banner has been stuck on "1996" for far too long.

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colin said...

With Porter and Kolarik as well as the whole defense now that Summers converted to forward and two solid goalies, I like our chances. Michigan Tech has been competitive and is by far a bigger concern than Princeton, but neither are going to be able to out-athlete us despite our handicap. State has been underperforming. We've got a good chance in any of those games, though I think realistically any of the Michigan squads has about equal chance.