Friday, September 28, 2007

Breaking Down the 07-08 Wolverines: Anthony Ciraulo

Next on the list is walk-on sophomore forward, Anthony Ciraulo.

Last Season: Despite not dressing for a game until December 1, Ciraulo played in all but two games the rest of the way (including the final 23) after the departure of Jason Bailey. In his 24 games, he had a line of 1-1--2, 2 PIMs, +3. He obviously didn't play heavy minutes and wasn't counted on for his offense. But he played his role, hit some people, and didn't hurt us when he was out there (he was only a minus in 2 of the 24 games that he played). He's not a faceoff guy, however, winning just 42.8% of the 173 faceoffs he took. Which unfortunately still ranked him ahead of three other guys on our team who took heavy numbers of faceoffs (Rohlfs, Kolarik, and Fardig).

Expectations: As I pointed out in Brian Lebler's break down, there are going to be a few guys fighting for playing time. I have it pegged where Lebler, Naurato, Fardig, Ciraulo, and Fragner will be competing for two spots. Right now, you have to list Ciraulo as fourth in that battle. He'll play some this year (injuries, GLI, etc.) but it's going to be tough for him to see the ice when everyone is healthy.

When he's in there, it'll be more of the same. He's more than likely not going to play on the special teams, and he won't play more minutes per game than he did last year. He'll forecheck, he'll hit, he'll block shots (8 in 24 games isn't bad at all for as many minutes as he played), and like I said earlier, he won't hurt us when he's out there. It's nice to have a depth player like him around, who you can put in when you need him and not worry when he's on the ice.

Level of Necessity: 3 out of 10.

He's not going to play all that often, barring a few injuries (he's probably the second reserve forward in line, but if all four freshmen defensemen can play, I have to wonder if Summers would move up front again if there were some casualties at forward), but he'll probably get 10 games or so.


Anonymous said...

Anthony Ciraulo might not be the best on the ice, but he is something to look at I will tel you that much =)

Anonymous said...

I really like him. Always cheer him up ^^/