Friday, September 14, 2007

Brandon Naurato = NHL Dominance

Courtesy of Mgoblog, comes a feature story from which ranked the top 10 college hockey teams for getting guys to the pros. They have Michigan as #1, which is fair enough (though I have a feeling Minnesota would disagree--and I'm not sure I'd blame them), but in their comment about the school, they wrote:
Class of 2008: Forward Brandon Naurato has a sweet lefty scoring stroke and with a little bulk could dominate NHL first lines.

I'll let the Geico Caveman sum up my reaction to that one:

We're talking about a guy who last year I commented on by saying, "I'm honestly not sure he consistently dresses next year." It probably won't be the case, since he is decent in his role, but still, that article has to be a mistake right? Did they screw up the double-number and mean to talk about Kevin Porter? Or even Chris Summers?

They also spelled Lerg's name wrong in the Michigan State section. "Brian" should actually be spelled "B-E-N-E-D-I-C-T" (or at least "Bryan"). And is Aaron Broten really the best guy they could come up with to exemplify Minnesota's hockey prowess?

Other stuff:
Red Berenson is up in Traverse City at Wings camp helping out.

Lost in the "ARRRGH MICHIGAN!" football disaster is that a lot of our non-rev sports are doing really, really well to start the season. Volleyball is 10-0 and has moved up to a program-high #10 ranking (now if they can avoid the disastrous Big 10 start they had last year). Men's soccer is up to #18 after a 4-0 start. Women's Cross Country is #2 in the nation. Women's soccer tied #2 Notre Dame, and even though they stand just 2-4 on the season, field hockey has played the best teams in the country tough. Their losses are to #1 (in OT), #2, #3 and #3 and they beat #9.
Hockey season is getting close, everyone! The ice is down and the boys are skating. I figure I'm going to get at least 16 or so games on TV this year thanks to the wonders of Dish Network, so hopefully the level of coverage won't drop off too much now that I'm no longer living in Michigan. Expect lots of live-blogs.

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