Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Odds and Enz

It's time for one of my famous "I haven't written in a few days so it's time to catch up on everything, even if some of it is out of date" posts:

-The Red Wings signed Dallas Drake to a one-year deal. A lot of people aren't thrilled with the move, citing his age, his cheap shot on Lebda last year, and the fact that we've got roughly 13 players to play on our 3rd and 4th lines. That said, I like the idea of him coming back. As I mentioned in my Steve Yzerman tribute, my brother and I were in Toronto, wearing our Wings jerseys when Detroit was in town, and Drake came up to say hello to us, before we had a chance to approach him. He was really nice to us, and I don't forget stuff like that. It'll be interesting to see where he fits in. I wonder if this signing isn't a vote of confidence for Daniel Cleary--or at least a sign that they think he'll have to be in the "top 6" next year by default.

-My next move would be to sign Yashin. He's getting $2.2 million or something from the Islanders to not play for them, so he might come cheap. He's always put up pretty decent numbers, even if he is lazy. But who has he ever played with? Tell me he wouldn't look really nice riding shotgun with Datsyuk. That'd be the top 6 forward that we need.

Edit: This link has a quote from Yashin, which indicates that there may actually be something to my "Yashin to Detroit" idea.

"Some think my move to Detroit is a settled thing but I can say only that they want to see me in the squad as well as a number of other clubs, yet I can's say anything more definite."
Interesting. Then again, who knows what that actually said before the translation, purple monkey dishwasher.

-The Detroit News has indicated that the Pistons are close to signing Amir Johnson. The rumored contract is 3 years for around $10 million, which I think is going to be an absolute bargain. He'll play some more minutes this year, and then by next year, look out. This kid's a stud. I've been saying it from day 1, and I can't wait to watch him in action this year.

-It also sounds like the three Pistons draftees have been very good in summer league play. In the above link, McCosky had some kind words about Arron Afflalo and Stuckey. It sounds like Maxiell has been a beast as well, losing some 30 pounds as well to give him some more explosiveness. I wonder if that means they're thinking of him as a 3 and Johnson as a 4?

-As the anonymous commenter below confirmed, Dwight Helminen has indeed signed with JYP Jyvaskyla in Finland, the same team that his brother Lars signed with. According to this link, however, the contract allows him to still sign with an NHL club this month if he'd like. So this would be more of a fallback contract. I still could see Dwight making the league as a third or fourth liner. He's small, but he's fast, he's great on faceoffs, and he's a very good penalty killer. He had a really good year point-wise two years ago in the AHL as well.

-A music tidbit. My favorite band, Crowded House, just released their first cd in 14 years today. You all should buy it. They rule.

-Michigan has switched to adidas jerseys. I guess that would be a reasonable explanation for why our hockey jerseys were on sale at MDen cheap. Since it's been like 2 whole years, and we signed on with a new apparel company, I have to believe that we'll be changing the jersey styles again this year.

-Lastly, not that I'm worried about Sam McGuffie visiting Texas A&M, but it gives me an excuse to post the following clip. Sam, do you really want to go there and have them pull out one of dem ill beatz on you?


Anonymous said...

I like the idea of Yashin with the Wings too. One, the organization has a good history of dealing with Russian players and seems to keep them for the most part happy.

Second, Yashin has a reputation as a nice guy who doesn't always give full effort. Now, he can't be lazier than Lang, and Yashin has more talent. Plus, I think a team like the Wings would work well for him, with numerous strong veteran leaders to keep him from setting any bad examples re: work ethic.

I'd like to see it happen as it would give the Wings a little more scoring depth than what they have now, which makes me uncomfortable. I wouldn't count on anything from him in the playoffs, though.

Packer487 said...

Didja see the article that I added above? It looks like there might be something to this Yashin-to-Detroit thing.

His numbers in the playoffs are alarmingly bad. The Ottawa numbers aren't bad, but he didn't do ANYTHING in New York. Then again, he wasn't playing with anyone in New York either.

I'm a big fan of having people from the same country together. It seems like there's always a natural chemistry there. It worked with the Russian Five, it worked really well with the Swedes this year for Detroit. I'd love to see Yashin and Datsyuk together.

And you're right. He can't possibly be more lazy than Lang. And he can't possibly turn the puck over as much.

Read an article today that says Nik Kronwall's 6-8 week injury has turned into a 3+ month injury. I swear that guy is made of glass. Good thing we're paying him $15 million over 5....

colin said...

So we'll be going to reebok style hockey jersyes? Isn't that adidas' only presence in hockey equipment/jerseys?

Packer487 said...

As far as I know, that'd be correct. Which'll be fine I'm sure. It wouldn't shock me if they change the style again for next year.

Just so long as they don't want to make them look like the style we had at the GLI last year, I'll be fine with it. If nothing else, it's another excuse to buy more jerseys!

Anonymous said...

drake should more than adequately replace bertuzzi-----cheap shots, dumb penalties, little scoring---we won't even notice bertuzzi's gone

miaminemo said...

Carson butler was cleared of all charges regarding the St Patricks day beat down - have the story and link on my site -