Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Alumni Updates

The Yost Post was full of good news about some of our old players.

Kevin13--the local Heavealunch fan--informed us that the Assholelanche have signed Jeff Jillson to a contract. I look forward to lots of short-handed breakaways for the Wings.

It's also sounding like Hensick made an impression on the Avs in their prospect camp. His chances of making the roster went up, but as Kevin pointed out, the top two line center slots are filled by Sakic and Stastny, and he's not really a checking line player. Or at least that's not what his strength is.

My thought is that if he's really ready for the NHL, you have to find a slot for him. The Avs aren't so deep up front that they can send a talented playmaker down to the minors just because you've got two good centers already. Even if you have to make him play wing or something, you find room for him. It's nice that he's doing well, even if he deserves better than to play for the Divealanche. I still can't believe he lasted that long in the draft.

Bob Miller posted a link to the Pittsburgh Penguins site, which states that they've hired Jason Botterill as Director of Hockey Administration. JBo just got his MBA from Michigan. He will essentially be the team's capologist, and will dabble in scouting as well. Also on the site is an article which contains some quotes from Botterill. It sounds like a pretty cool job, and one that he seems very well qualified for. Nice to see the education side of college hockey paying off for a player down the road.

Additionally, The Wolverine announced their Top 25 Athletes of the Year and TJ Hensick was awarded the top spot. It's a nice accomplishment considering the championships that some of our non-rev athletes had this year, along with the season the football team put together (last two games not withstanding). Following the absurdity of Hensick not even being in the Hobey Hat Trick--let alone winning the award, like he should have--it's nice that he got some recognition locally, at least.

JMFJ was listed as #15, and future captain Kevin Porter came in at #25.

Shockingly, Billy Sauer was omitted from a similar list, the Top 25 Athletes on the Hockey Team.

Ok, I made that last part up.

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Anonymous said...

It's always puzzled me somewhat why Bots wasn't a more successful pro player. Not the most overly skilled or fast, but plenty of guys like that have had fairly long NHL careers. Anyway, good to see him still working within the game with a strong organization.