Wednesday, March 07, 2007

JMFJ Shirts

The phenomenon is sweeping the country!

From to GoBlueWolverine, to here, to The Wolverine, to Michigan Hockey Net, mgoblog, USCHO, and even MLive, the world is learning who "JMFJ" is.

To commemorate the career of the man, the myth, the legend......there are shirts for Wolverine fans and Kings fans alike.

Questions, comments, requests? Let me know.

The Shop That Yost Built


Anonymous said...

Where can you buy one?

Packer487 said...

Does clicking the photo not work? It works on my computer but it could be a cache thing.

If not, it's and the store # is 98332. I'll take a look when I get to work and see....

MHNet said...

You can add Hockey's Future to that list. I think "JMFJ" may have originated there.

Anonymous said...

No, JMFJ definately originated on I cant remember the user that first started it, but I remember when it started. A lot of the Kings fans there also frequent the HF boards and that is how it carried over to HF. I also use both and saw it carry over to HF about a week after it took off on LGK.

Jason said...


CSTV's Hobey Tracker for last week also mentions it in their comments on Jack.