Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Seriously, Does This Happen Everywhere??

With things not looking so rosy for Michigan in RoJo land, with Maze and Finch decommitted, and rumors swirling about Watson possibly being next, it made me start thinking...does Michigan just have horrendous luck when it comes to this kind of thing, or does it happen everywhere (and I'm not just talking about football)?

Think about all the near misses (the guys we were told all along "they're coming" only to lose out right at the end), the decommits, etc. that we've had over the years and the reasons for them.

Just a partial list from the past couple of years:
RoJo possibly wanting to come here but his mom's "friend" not letting him, Maze, Finch deciding that he wanted to go be with his boys and MAYBE make a bowl game in his career, Jai Eugene not wanting to be away from his kids (how bout you just...umm...not have kids?), Al Horford, Joe Crawford, Malik Hairston going to freaking OREGON, ditto Cam Colvin, Patrick Beverly deciding that Little Rock reminds him of Chicago (riiiight), Matt Nickerson, Bryan Lerg leaving one week before a scholarship opened up, Trevor Lewis, AJ Jenks, Robbie "Benedict" Earl, Travis Johnson going to bed a Wolverine but waking up a Seminole, Sam Keller...

Seriously...does this happen everywhere else too? Or is this just the Michigan hating God getting his rocks off again?

We're a major program. We've been to 3 BCS games in 4 years. We have a pretty damn good track record of putting guys into the pros. We have a starting position available at corner. Why is it so fricken hard for us to recruit DBs?

At least basketball beat Iowa...oh wait. No, we wasted one of the few games where Courtney Sims isn't a blubbering vagina, and lost to a team that hadn't won on the road the entire season. So now, we're either stuck with Amaker, or we dump him and risk adding Manny Harris and Alex Legion to that massive list about. Frankly, neither option is real good.

I've defended Tommy for a long time. He's a great human being, and he has done some good things for this program. But losses like tonight's are completely inexcusable and they happen with alarming frequency. This one is especially damning after his comments in the media this week about how he doesn't understand the criticism.

On the bright side, Jed Ortmeyer had a career high 3 points last night on National TV (If Versus counts as National TV) and they were all assists that came from hard work on the boards. Great to see.


Anonymous said...

how much longer is Red going to be around?

This could be part of it. Mason stepped down and so did the program.

Pre-recuiting problems?

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