Sunday, January 21, 2007

Giving Credit Where It's Due

I've cracked on Peyton Manning as a choke artist for years. I was a fan of doing it even before the media decided it was fun.

But to be fair, I've got to give credit where credit is due. Coming from 18 points down after you threw a pick 6 to put up 32 in the second half and win the AFC Championship is a pretty huge accomplishment and Manning deserves a lot of credit, because he was dealing in the second half.

I still think that if you give a guy with that much talent and that much talent around him enough chances to win a "big game" eventually it has to happen. But for tonight, he deserves a ton of credit (not that it changes the fact that the Colts should've probably won a couple by now).

And he probably just won the Super Bowl. Here's hoping the Bears pull a Gators. I'm probably the only Packers fan out there rooting for Chicago in this game. But with Grossman against Manning, even if Manning doesn't play that well, the Colts still probably have the edge at that position.

Congrats to both teams, and I'm really just hoping for a good game Super Bowl Sunday, even if the thought of Manning winning one makes me puke. And an extra big congrats to Tony Dungy, who is definitely one of the good guys in the NFL.

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