Thursday, February 01, 2007

KABOOM!!! Maybe?

What a difference a day makes.

Yesterday at this time, people were calling for Lloyd's head so we don't lose any more recruits, and the notion of Johnny Sears starting at corner was a very real one indeed.

Flash forward to today. DT Renaldo Sagesse out of Quebec is in. The Wolverines might be back in the mix (or maybe they were never out of it?) for RoJo, and there are extremely positive vibes coming in about 5 star corner Donovan Warren's announcement tonight. Enough good feelings that it will be a surprise if he isn't going Blue. Unless he's just screwing with everyone a la Marquise Hill. Or unless he gets into his car a Wolverine but gets out a Trojan. Or unless he has a child or two on the way to the press conference.

At this point, it appears Michigan won't be shut out when it comes to picking up a nasty corner.


Edit: And to make this day even better comes this photo courtesy of sure to save it to your computer because you're going to want it come next November.

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