Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Red Wings: Reminding everyone right off the bat that coach's salaries don't count against the cap

A new article by TSN this afternoon says that the Wings are prepared to let Lewis go. In the article, they also say that they've learned Lewis's agent is talking to other teams around the league searching for openings for his client. I can't believe this might actually happen. Tomorrow is Babcock's deadline to sign the offered 1 year deal with Anaheim. The fact that they only offered him a 1 year deal says to me that if Detroit wants him, he's ours. I can't see any coach signing on to be a lame duck when there's a better offer on the table.

Holland said that he met with Lewis and will let him know his fate in the next 24-48 hours (after Babcock's deadline?). Tomorrow could be the best hockey day since the Wings traded for Hasek and I knew that Osgood was finally gone. That was a beautiful day. My dad and I had this thing where we'd always announce trades to each other as dramatically as possible. I heard at like 1 am that the Wings were pulling off that deal and so I ran into the other room and I was like "So the Wings trade Slava Kozlov and a first round pick to Buffalo for............................" and my dad's just kind of nodding along like "Yeah, who'd we get?"......."Dominik Hasek" "WHAT???????!!!!" And the rest of the league was like "WHAT??? @#%*#@%&!!!!"

In other news, according to Western College Hockey, Minnesota uber 2006 recruit Peter Mueller is going to bypass college and go to the WHL for next season. Tear. Lewis maybe gone, Minnesota loses a big recruit, the only thing that could make this day better is if I logged on to ESPN and saw that Drew Rosenhaus got hit by lightning.

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