Saturday, July 30, 2005

NHL Draft

Jack Johnson became the highest Michigan player ever taken, when the Carolina Hurricanes nabbed him at #3. Cogliano, much to the joy of Mgoblog was taken #25 by the Oilers. Jason Bailey became the third incoming-Wolverine taken, when he went #63 to Anaheim with the 2nd pick of the third round.

And that loud burst of profanity you just heard from two separate rooms of The Blog That Yost Built household was TJ Hensick going 88th to the Colorado Avalanche.

The Red Wings, as predicted, grabbed a Euro in the first round. Jakub Kindl, a 6'2" defenseman from the Czech Republic who played in the OHL last year. He was projected to go top 5 before the season but slid after he didn't have a good year. In the second round they took Justin Abdelkader...finally a college player, but he's going to State. So that doesn't count. In the third round, rather than nab Hensick, they took a 6'3" 187 center from Sweden, who wasn't on The Hockey News' top 100 or the Toronto Star's top 160 players.

Colorado has had a great draft. They've taken Hensick, Ryan Stoa, Tom Fritsche, and Paul Stastny, along with some guy from the WHL. I had previously annointed JM Liles as "The Anti-Christ" for being an MSU player and being a Colorado prospect. Said the same thing about Stoa and then Fritsche today (Minnesota, and Ohio State)...then those bastards from the Rocky Mountains get Hensick. Go have an oyster Pierre.

There's still time for the Wings to take a Jiri or Tomas.

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