Thursday, May 19, 2011

Having a Seat Over There: Spencer Hyman

Princeton's coach leaving for Penn State appears to be the gift that keeps on giving. Yesterday Zach Hyman committed to the Wolverines for next season, after decommitting from Princeton due to Guy Gadowsky moving on to the BTHC. Today, Mike Spath chatted with Zach and was told that his brother Spencer has also committed to the Wolverines for either 2012 or 2013.
He's a forward that was converted to defense a couple of years ago. Pointstreak lists him at 6'0", 210. DCNole mentioned that he is nicknamed "The Bus" and that he once one-punched Lucas Lessio (remember him?) in a fight. The Scouting News says that he "works like a beserker", which I didn't realize was a word, but it totally is and it's awesome.
Last season he had 4-16--20 in 49 games with 62 PIMs. So based on the limited info out there about it, it seems like this upshot is this: Big kid, maybe not as gifted as his brother but works his butt off every shift, can play a physical game.


Anonymous said...

He is brutal & that is being kind.

I guess winning the Zach Hyman sweepstakes came at a price.

Brad said...

Tim, please get a copy of Clerks and watch it immediately... not knowing berserker is just shameful (plus it makes me feel old).

Anonymous said...

I've seen this kid play many time and Spencer is a very good hockey player, he's real tough and when he he hits you its punishing.

Anonymous said...

another great addition, Michigan likes tough kids! Go Blue!

Anonymous said...

Zach and Spencer Hyman- Great Video! like that zach shows he can be physical as well. here is the link--