Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Having a Seat Over There: Bryson Cianfrone

Question mark removed from subject line. Bob Miller confirms that he is a commit! The cynical part of me wants to follow that sentence with "...until he gets traded to an OHL team of his choosing." I'm listing him as a 2013 commit, but as MGoBlog pointed out, there's a site saying that he'll graduate in 2012, so I suppose he could end up at Michigan for the 2012-13 season as well.

It appears that may be what's on the table for Max Domi. The Pipeline Show is reporting that Domi will be dealt to London (of course) and speculates that unlikely the deal would happen if they didn't think Domi would come to play for them. That said, Norman James, one of the sports reporter from London is saying that one source has told him no, another has said yes.

Tyler King, Kingston's play-by-play man, just spoke with Doug Gilmour and said that the Domi rumors are "garbage". Time will tell.

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