Thursday, September 24, 2009

More Odds and Ends


Mac Bennett was chatting with Cammalleri about U of M while he was at Habs camp.

The game time for the Culver's Camp Randall Hockey Classic has been announced. We're playing at 5. The women play at 2, so hopefully the ice will be ok. The Big Ten Network will televise the game, for the few of you who aren't sitting with me.

A commenter mentioned a couple of days ago that Jacob Fallon may have been kicked out of the NTDP for a drinking incident. Western College Hockey said that he has heard the suspension was changed and Fallon will now be allowed to return after December 1. Fallon is still listed on USA's roster, which was updated to indicate the development that I mention one paragraph down. That lends support to the idea that he's not off the team.

In other NTDP news, Austin Czarnik, Robbie's cousin, has decommitted from FYS. MGoBlog had a take on this news.

The University of Michigan Photo Store is going to start making game images available through MGoBlue's photo store. They have offered a 5% discount to readers of this blog who use the promo code tbtyb5 at checkout. This offer runs through the end of September. For the record, I bought the photo of five Michigan football coaches for my dad for Christmas last year and it was a big hit. I also picked up a shot of Yost in front of Yost (which I'm pretty sure is the coolest picture ever) for my office at work. They're actually really reasonably priced and the quality is top-notch. I was very satisfied with the purchase and I'm happy that they're a friend of my site. There's no hockey up yet, but I'm excited to see what they put up. There were some really great photos in the galleries last year and I'm geeked to have an easy way to pick up a couple in the future.

Single game tickets are now on sale for the upcoming season.

Christy Hammond, from Winging it in Motown, wrote a great article on Chris Summers for MGoBlue.

MGoBlue kicked off their annual "Getting to Know the Freshmen" features with an interview with Chris Brown.

College Hockey News ranked us #5 in their preseason poll, behind Denver, Miami, BU, and Cornell.

HT to MHNet, Max Pacioretty will stick with the Canadiens and could end up playing on the top line. The Montreal Gazette speculates that he could end up playing with Gionta and Gomez. It would be more fun if he played with Cammalleri.

Coyotes' assistant Ulf Samuelsson says that Kevin Porter has been one of the best players in Coyotes camp. The article also speculates that Kolarik will be right in the thick of things for one of the final roster spots--though the immediate chances took a hit as he was sent to San Antonio. Chad is being realistic about his NHL chances, saying that he knows he won't be a top-6 forward, so he's going to have to make it by being strong defensively, blocking shots, and bringing energy. I would absolutely love to see #24 crack Phoenix's lineup. He became one of my favorites with the way he put Porter's Hobey interests ahead of his own, and the way he re-invented himself, becoming a top-notch defensive player. He's probably #3 on my list of Favorite Wolverines in Recent Memory behind Jed and JMFJ. The Coyotes also sent Al Montoya to San Antonio, which makes perfect sense, considering he was unbelievable for them down the stretch last year. That's probably why they're the Coyotes.

Jack Johnson scored a highlight reel goal the other night, and the LA Times had a funny exchange with Andy Murray about it:
"If this was a regular-season game it would be on ESPN five or six times," Kings Coach Terry Murray said of the goal.

Uh, sorry, ESPN doesn't cover hockey anymore.

"It would be on Versus five or six times," Murray said.

Not if you get Versus through DirecTV, which is in a dispute with the NHL's cable rightsholder and dropped it.

"Well, TSN would have it," Murray said, referring to the Canadian version of ESPN.

Can't get that here, either.

"We get it in our office," he said, laughing.

The NTDP downed Tri-City 3-1 in the opening game of the USHL Fall Classic. Jack Campbell made 12 stops in the victory.

That's all I've got. Let's drop the puck already!


Anonymous said...

Regarding Austin Czarnik, i'm hearing more and more rumors from reliable people that he's committed to Michgan now? Can anyone confirm?

Blair Willcox said...

JMFJ's goal is at least on youtube - pretty impressive. scored on Montoya too, which is funny.

streaker said...


FYI- don't know if you follow USCHO forum too much, but in the Michigan thread someone posted that Jim Hunt will not be doing color for the Wolverines radio broadcasts this season. No word on why- but Bill Trainor and Dave Huntziger will be in the booth with Al Randall.

Many of the Yost/USCHO posters have spent time with Jim after games, talking hockey. Sure will miss him.