Thursday, September 10, 2009

Patrick Summers will be the Third Goalie

One of the commenters posted it yesterday and Mike Spath confirmed it today: Patrick Summers, the younger brother of Michigan captain Chris Summers, will be the third goalie this season. He's wearing #30.

Spath also confirmed that Scooter Vaughan will, in fact, move to forward for the upcoming season.

Now more about Summers:
He spent a lot of time in the Little Caesar's organization and also played for Victory Honda. In 69 games in that league he was 28-22-6 with a 2.80/.884. His best year was in 2007 when he was 10-2-1 with a 1.67/.911.

Smart kid, too. The bio of him in the above link says he had a 3.95 in high school.

He also played for Lincoln-Milan. He made 42 stops--including 21 in the third period--in Lincoln-Milan's first win ever over Ann Arbor Pioneer. He posted a 10-10-0 record with a 3.25/.897.

Also, after Willie Yanakeff was booted from the U-17 team, they called on Summers to be a late-season replacement, though I don't believe he saw any game action. At least not according to these stats.

Other stuff:
Mac Bennett was back at Habs camp, and he reiterated that he's playing for Cedar Rapids this year, Michigan next year, and then after that he'd go pro if the Canadiens want him to. Too early to give him the Max Pacioretty Memorial "Enjoy Him While He's Here" award? Or does he have to battle it out with the rest of that class first?


streaker said...

If Bennett has already declared himself leaving (if the NHL wants him) after his freshman year, why is Red wasting a scholarship on him? Is he THAT good? Just what the program needs, another selfish prima donna that probably doesn't get how tough the jump to Div I hockey is going to be.

Amanda said...

last time somebody openly stated they weren't going to stick around very long he didn't offer them a scholarship to start off with. I agree that another kid coming in completely full of himself wouldn't be the greatest.

Packer487 said...

He just said he was going to play his freshman year for sure and then if the Canadiens thought he was ready then he would leave. If he's not ready then he won't.

Chris Brown originally said something along those lines as well, before he started saying he's in for four.

By all accounts Bennett is a great, great kid. I haven't gotten the impression that he's even slightly full of himself.

I don't see a problem with recruiting a kid like that, especially if you KNOW he's going to be looking to the pros. It's not like they can't recruit on the assumption he's leaving after a year.

I'd rather have a year with him (especially when we look to be LOADED next year) than a year without--just like I would have gladly taken Kessel, or just like I'd gladly take Pacioretty again.

streaker said...

Forgive me for my cynicism, Tim, but I've just about had enough of these type of kids. Max was a great guy, not really cut out for the classroom, and I'm sure he'll stick on a NHL roster eventually. Other early departures... well... at least they stuck around for at least two seasons, ready or not. But for every Cammaleri or Komiserek, you had five Andy Hilbert's. Palushaj is still stinging me, a kid who has all the talent in the world and basically packed it in after the GLI last season... and look what it did to the team down the stretch. It's nice to have a NHL dream, even better to be ready for it, and there are enough kids that should have taken Red's advice and didn't. Maybe he should set up a few of them to talk to young Mr. Bennett. It really makes a difference to the program, too, just ask Porter or Kolarik, even if they couldn't get it done two years ago. But I appreciated the sacrifices they made for four years in order to wear that M instead of an NHL crest on their sweater. Maybe that is something that our upperclassmen will consider... or not.

Anonymous said...

If rumors are true, it looks like two U18 NTDP players got the boot from the program this past week for drinking related incidents. Apparently they were the first victims this year of the NTDP's zero tolerance policy. Players were Shane Sooth and Jacob Fallon (future wolverine). FYI, neither played this past Friday in their game verves the Univ. of Waterloo.