Monday, September 22, 2008

Expectations: We Has Them

You know hockey season is getting close when the first poll is released. The initial installment of the USA Today poll was released today and the Wolverines came in ranked #2 behind defending champion Boston College.

5 CCHA teams were ranked in the 15-team poll (OMG BUT THERE WERE SIX FROM THE WCHA!!!!!). Michigan #2, Notre Dame #3, Miami #8, MSU #12, and Northern Michigan #14. Having NMU ranked makes me believe these voters are actually paying attention, though I think the Redhawks are ranked a little high given the departures up front, on the blueline, and in net, along with the fact that the CCHA is apparently out to get them.

Michigan received 4 of the 34 first-place votes. North Dakota and CC (as well as BC, obviously) also received first-place votes.


Anonymous said...

But, I thought everyone was out to get Miami? I would've thought the reporters already released an article with reference to the world being out to get them because they're only ranked 8th. They do know that preseason polls mean everything, right?

Anonymous said...

KC is in midseason form.

#2 is also lofty for a team that lost its #1 line and about 60% of their offense.

Ben Pinette said...

I have to agree. I would have been perfectly content with 10th.

This sentiment has been mentioned elsewhere, and I see it the same way: I'm not comfortable with the possibility that our ranking gets to anyone's head.

Anonymous said...


PS: Good to see you guys around...

Kurt said...

I agree. I am surprised UM is #2. I really think NDame should be rated higher given what UM lost but it will sort itself out soon anyway. I think UM will be solid in goal, strong on D and will be pretty decent on O. That spells a solid year, likely in the league title chase until the end. I can live with that. Another Frozen Four appearance would be nice.

I really have not looked but how does UM shape up next year (I hate to say it but "assuming no early departures")?

Packer487 said...

I might be crazy, but I don't think that 2 is too high for us. I could see putting us behind Notre Dame as well as BC, but there's no one in the country that I'd say is without question better than Michigan.

Yes we lost a ton of scoring...but we did the year before as well and it turned out just fine.

I'll break it down a little more when I finally get around to my season preview, but I see a small drop in overall offense, but not a significant one by any means. And I say that with the utmost respect for what our seniors did last year.

Kurt, I think we look pretty darn good for next year if everyone stays. The question mark will be in net, as we still haven't seen for sure that Hogan can be a #1 and it looks like the guys we're after wouldn't come in until 2010.