Saturday, September 27, 2008

Jacob Fallon Commits to Michigan

Whoo a commit! It's been awhile!

The NTDP's Jacob Fallon, a forward for the class entering in 2010, committed to Michigan.

He's small (5'10" 170) but is highly regarded, it seems. It's a premium article so I can't read it, but The Scouting News wrote that he has the potential to be Pat Kane II (!!!!!!!!). Lofty, lofty praise right there.

The Gopher Hockey Blog had quite a bit of info about him from back in April. Interesting to note that his mom went to Minnesota and the Gophers wanted him. Also, he was the second leading scorer at the NTDP tryout camp behind.....fellow 2010 recruit Luke Moffatt (and I swear to God, if I type Lee Moffie's name one more time when I mean Luke of them needs to change their name to Ocho Cinco or something).

Could he potentially help out with Colin Jacobs? They both played for the Texas Attack. With Fallon and Chris Brown, we've got a couple of Texans up here! Attack Coach Eric Silverman said the following in an article about Jacobs:
“There’s probably about four or five kids that are right on that same plane, believe it or not, within about a two-year birth span,” Silverman pointed out. “Jacob Fallon, who’s a year older than Colin, is an unbelievable player, rated high by, you name it, US National program, NHL scouts, NHL agents, Division One college programs, major junior clubs - he’s one who’s rated as highly as anybody.

Chris from WCH saw him play recently and posted, in part, the following at the Yost Post:
He's a pretty good skater. Not a flashy stickhandler. He loves to go wide and then drive very hard to the net when he gets the puck. He's a very good passer. One of his assists was a beautiful backdoor pass for a tap-in goal. Doesn't have a great shot, but could be effective with it if he shot more instead of always looking to pass. That should come with the NTDP's training and the aforementioned confidence. Plus, pretty much everyone seems to say that he's a pretty good kid.

Bob Miller had a few tidbits from NTDP Coach John Hynes. "Very high level of potential" and "top shelf as a human being".

Last year he was a member of the U16 NAHL Showcase All Tournament Team, when the Attack were downed by Little Caesar's in the championship game.

All in all, sounds like a huge get for what is shaping up to be a stellar class! Now we just need to add a goalie...

2009 recruit Lee Moffie potted a goal for Waterloo in their exhibition win Thursday night. I believe the cuts are Sunday, so we should find out if he'll stick in the USHL or head back to Avon for another season.

Lastly, here's a Luke Moffatt feature from USA Hockey.

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