Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Chris Summers & The Coolest Table Hockey Game You'll Ever See

With Mitera committed to return for his senior season, Chris Summers became the odds-on favorite to defect during the summer. Well, it appears that won't be happening. Mike Spath chatted with the junior-to-be during the baseball regional and he doesn't sound like a guy that will be playing pro hockey next year. It's a premium article so you have to subscribe to get the good stuff--and it is good stuff--but the headline--"Summers committed to future at Michigan"--is pretty clear.

Next on the list, Max Pacioretty. Despite rumors that the Habs would like him to sign, the general feeling is of optimism that he'll return. Here's yet another account that points toward #39 returning to terrorize CCHA goalies for another year.

Christy from Behind the Jersey has just the solution to cheer up Wings fans. Those videos from KnobHockey definitely did the trick. I particularly like the one of Holmstrom and Fleury. I also enjoyed this video of smack talk from Jarkko Ruutu (NSFW language):

Speaking of knob hockey, this is quite possibly the coolest knob hockey table you'll ever see. It uses McFarlane figures as players. I don't know whether to be really impressed with the design or really amazed that someone has that kind of time on their hands. Then again, I spend countless hours breaking down walk-on Michigan hockey players, so I guess I shouldn't talk. I'd actually really like to try playing on that table to see how it is. It appears that the players are too big for the table and that the goalies don't provide much room to score, but it could be really fun. It's really sweet, nonetheless. That cardboard cutout of Crosby doesn't look right since he's not crying to an official.

This article might shine some light on why Dan O'Halloran seemingly hates Detroit. And it begs the question if the unknown assailant 25 years ago was a Red Wings fan coming back from the future, 12 Monkeys-style.

Lastly, I love used to sponsor the site and may again in the future--but this is just cruel.

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