Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Porter in Hobey Hat Trick

A year after the Hobey Hat Trick announcement sparked a lot of anger around these parts, Kevin Porter was named one of the three finalists for the annual award given to college hockey's top player. Joining him in the Hobey Hat Trick are Ryan Jones from the Miami Dynasty and Nate Gerbe from Boston College.

Strangely absent is JP Lamoureux, who currently leads the country in goals against, save percentage, shutouts, is 2nd in wins, 5th in winning percentage (but when you adjust for the fact that he plays in the WCHA, he's really got like a 2.573 winning percentage rather than the .707 he actually sports), and is third in minutes played.

I'm curious to get NDGoon's take on the news, but he hasn't updated his (excellent) blog yet.I'll be checking back.

JPL was the only person who I thought could potentially steal some votes from Porter. As it stands right now, I think it's 99.9% that Porter win the Hobey. Jones has a 0% chance, because there's no way to justify giving it to another CCHA forward (especially one whose name isn't Chad Kolarik). Gerbe probably has a .1% chance due to the Eastern voters, but it's hard to imagine that Porter didn't sway some of the holdouts with his 5-1--6 performance in the East Regional.

I also have to once again point out the hypocrisy of having Gerbe in the Hat Trick after Hensick was left out a year ago. Way to be consistent, guys. I mean, Hensick had 9 more points and didn't get himself suspended, but that was some misconduct!

There would have been a little more drama had JPL been in the Hat Trick, but now, unless he goes Kevin Quick in the next week, Kevin Porter will become Michigan's second Hobey Baker winner a week from Friday.


Eric J. Burton said...

Yeah I have been busier than heck at work and been able to update it as of yet. I don't have a problem with Jones or Porter but I think Lammy should have been in the running. I just hope that troll from B.C. doesn't win the Hobey.

Eric J. Burton said...

It is up...

Tom said...

Two Michiganders and a kid from Ontario. Take that East/West Elitists.