Tuesday, August 14, 2007

What is it With Our Hockey Team and Mike Fisher?

Antoine Pitts posted his profile of incoming forward Louie Caporusso today. The most interesting (at least to me) bit of info in his work-up is that his favorite player is Mike Fisher of the Ottawa Senators. If you remember back a couple of years, that is the same player that Jason Bailey listed in his "Checking In" feature.

He justifies it in this way:
"Mike Fisher of the Ottawa Senators. He's a power forward-type player that goes out there every night and finishes all his checks. He plays hard and is just a real character guy. He's really there for his team and wants to win. When I was younger, I liked guys like Joe Sakic and Paul Kariya and the guys that would score the goals. But as I got older it became more of a power forward-type player (that I admired). I watched the little things that guys did. Mike Fisher, every time I watched him play, he'd be giving 110%. He wouldn't back down from anyone and would just be going 100 miles per hour everywhere, finishing every check, no matter how big the guy was, and giving his all – being a real team player."

Now, it makes sense that a guy like that would be Bailey's favorite player. He was a little pinball out there, forechecked hard, hit people. Caporusso is a pretty skilled forward. I was expecting a Mike Cammalleri, maybe Mats Sundin since he's a Leafs fan? But no, Mike Fisher. A player on the rival Senators, no less.

Not that there's anything wrong with that. I mean, I'm the guy who spurned the likes of Yzerman, Shanahan, Fedorov, and Lidstrom to buy a Doug Brown jersey. I love the guys that work their tails off out there. And with Fisher, you gotta like a guy whose TSN profile says that he "kills penalties with aplomb".

I just find it very strange that we've had two players in a two calendar year span who have cited him as their favorite player. Maybe it's an Ontario thing.

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Anonymous said...

A team of Mike Fishers would win the Stanley cup. But no seriously, you have to see him play every night to understand, he is in a higher gear every night, no matter what the score or opponent. If you had to have one player to use as role model he would be it.