Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Moving the Captain's Letter to the Other Side of the Jersey is Proof the Terrorists Have Won

From the Freep this morning comes the news that in order to work with the new Rbk Edge jerseys, the Wings have been forced to move all 3 of the "Captains' Letters" to the right side of the jersey, rather than the left side where they've customarily been.

It's not that big of a big deal. It only affects three players on the team. And at least Rbk didn't screw with the actual design of the jersey. But I think this looks really friggin' stupid:

I guess I don't see what's the big deal about having the letter overlap a seam. Would they not be able to sew it in? Would having a letter sewn on have an effect on the player's range of motion?

The other question is should the Red Wings make it to the Stanley Cup Finals, where would that patch go? Would they put it on the sleeve like the VK/SM one was in the Finals in 1998? Would it just be for those three players?

Overall I think the new jerseys are a mixed bag. Some of these might be rumored changes. I haven't been keeping up on what's legit and what isn't. I think all of these are real though.

I like the new look for Washington, especially the reds.

Nashville's are similar to what they were before, but I like the blues a little bit better. Not a fan of the white ones. You can't read the "Nashville" above the logo and the color scheme is weird. The white/gray thing doesn't work. And apparently they might be wearing a "Ten Seasons" patch, which would be great except for the fact that this is just their ninth season because of the lockout.

Columbus's new duds are sharp. I don't like the white collar on the blue jersey, but I think the jersey itself looks really nice.

I don't like the rumored Pens jerseys. Too much gold, and it's unnecessary on the sleeves. Their jerseys from the last couple years have been one of my two or three favorites. I hope they're not actually changing.

I'm not a fan of the new Sharks logo. No need to add orange. Their jerseys have been pretty nice since they've come into the league.

I've never liked LA's uniform schemes as it is, but the new ones look really goofy with no coloring at the bottom.

I'm not sure what to think of Florida's. Part of me actually likes it, and part of me thinks that the piping and those horizontal stripes look terrible. I think I like the blue ones better than the whites.

Edit: And courtesy of the New York Islanders, we now have an answer to the question, "Who has the worst jersey in the NHL"? Though a friend of mine works in the video game industry, and someone told him, "Wait until you see Dallas's" when he made a similar comment.


Anonymous said...

You mean you can't tell that moving the captain's letters to the right side reduces aerodynamic drag by almost 30%?

Not a fan of this entire jersey change. At all.

colin said...

Why do they even have to do it exactly?

Packer487 said...

They said that they had to move the letter because there wasn't enough room for it over the tip of the wing without hitting that seam running down the left side of the jersey.

Why it matters if the letter overlaps the seam, I don't know.

Sean said...


Didn't the 60's Wings (Howe etc) wear the C / A on the "oposite" side like lidstrom does now?

Packer487 said...

I found a picture of Howe with it on the opposite side, but I couldn't tell you what year it was from.

There was another one of them celebrating a Cup win and it was on the correct side--1955 maybe?--so I imagine it was more like the late 40s/early 50s when they had it on the "opposite" side, but I'm not positive.

I still think it looks stupid :)

Anonymous said...

I like the letter on the right shoulder because I don't think the C should ever look the same as it did on Yzerman's jersey. It just looked wrong to me on lidstrom's left shoulder. I think they should keep it on the right forever in tribute to steve.

Anonymous said...

Don't the panthers Captains letters cross a seam? they didn't move there letters to the other side..

Anonymous said...

how come on the jerseys that the players actually ware, the letters are nice and big, but the "official" ones that you can buy seem to have really ugly small letter