Monday, November 13, 2006

The Longest Week

I came into work today and promptly spent the first hour of the day talking about Michigan-Ohio State with my boss. I spent the next 45 minutes or so reading The Wolverine, mgoblog, and talking about Michigan-Ohio State with a co-worker.

It's official. I'm going to be useless this week.

It's Monday at 2:15 pm and I simply can't function. It's like how I was the week before Christmas when I was a little kid. Expect instead of RBI Baseball 2 at the end of my wait, it's the biggest football match-up of my lifetime.

The best rivalry in college football. Only this time, it's undefeated vs. undefeated. #1 vs. #2. Not only will the winner take home sole possession of the Big Ten Championship, they will also punch their ticket for the BCS National Championship Game; a game in which they will likely be at least a touchdown favorite.

What happens when you put this much significance onto a game that's already the biggest rivalry in college football? I can't wait to find out.

Football Gods, you owe us this one. After 4 years of John Navarre, Sparty Bob, the debacle that was my sophomore year in college, the Year of Infinite Pain last year, the Sun Belt officiating….you can give us this one. If all that isn't enough, I propose you go knock on the Hockey Gods' door and buy up the debt owed to me for Jason Ryznar's waived off goal as well.

And do you really want to let those drunk-ass, mullet-wearing, bird-flipping, white-trash, scum-of-the-earth, phantom-pass-interference-championship-winning, Clarett-loving, city-burning, M-Club-banner-ripping, yard-marker-throwing, can-of-beer-chucking, basketball-player-paying…..ERRR can't go there, Dave-Shand-harassing, Heisman-Trophy-breaking, library-masturbating, horrible-rapping, motherfucking assholes and their fans to get to enjoy another title? Didn't think so.

Besides, you still owe us for that half-championship that Fat Phil decided to gift to Nebraska.


Anonymous said...

Give Navarre a little love. He was pretty good as a junior and a senior. And he did deliver our (so far) only win over the evil one. Hopefully that changes Saturday.

Packer487 said...

He falls into that category with Chris Osgood that no matter how good he may have played in any certain game, he'll always suck in my mind. Just one of my things.

I do give the kid loads of credit for the way he handled himself while he was here though. Good person, definitely a "Michigan Man", and I wish him the best. He just wasn't a very good QB, IMO. Though he did have his moments. That OSU game you mention was definitely one of them. The 2002 OSU game on the other hand.......