Sunday, August 20, 2006

Less Than Two Weeks!!

The sun's taking longer to come up in the morning and that can only mean one thing: Football season is almost here!! It's getting to that point in the summer that I start getting really excited about it (My team not looking like ass in an exhibition game also helps). Less than 4 weeks until I'll be at Notre Dame, watching the Wolverines take down the #2 team in the country. Ahhh preseason optimism!

In the meantime, great friggin NASCAR race today. Harvick and Junior had some bad luck (Harvick's was self-inflicted) but both rebounded to get very good finishes, and Gordon has to be feeling a lot better about his chances now. As a happy bonus, it looks like you can stick a fork in Kurt Busch, and Greg Biffle's chances aren't looking real good either. If I can get all 3 of my favorite drivers in, and have 2 of my 3 least favorite drivers be out (Stewart would be the third on that list), I'll be a happy camper.

I really do wish that there was a better way in and out of MIS because it sucks that we've got one of the great racetracks in America in my backyard and I won't go near the place. The race has been over for 3 hours, and I bet if I went to the race, I wouldn't be close to being back in Ann Arbor yet. I hate coming out of that track.

While I'm bitching about stuff...I meant to bring this up last week and it slipped my mind: Tape delay. Note to the NFL Network: If you're scheduled to show a game on tape delay at 1:00 am, don't wait until 1:15 to put it on, and in the interim, a) Don't show the score on the bottom line, and b) don't go out to the game you're going to be showing and show the last 2 minutes of it! It absolutely drives me up a wall when networks have something they're going to be showing shortly, and then the score crawls across the ticker at the bottom.

Hell, one time I was watching an IndyCar race that was on tape delay, and ESPN showed the winner on the 28/58 ticker. That made me real happy. The NFL Network's on my shit list for that though...if I'm going to stay up til 1:00 in the morning to watch a preseason football game, I don't want to know what the final score is before you put it on.

Lastly, someone on one of the Packer message boards I post on asked if there was a way to watch NFL games online. Someone quickly replied no, but another person suggested this website might be a possibility: For $19.99 supposedly you can watch all the games live for 6 months. It seems beyond sketchy, and it raises a red flag when a site like that only registers one page worth of hits on google, but for $19.99 it might be worth a shot. Has anyone tried it? Or does anyone with more money than me feel like trying it?? ;-)

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