Sunday, August 06, 2006

Family Night Scrimmage

You can't get too high or too low during these scrimmages. If the offense does something well, should you be excited because they made a play, or upset because the defense didn't do well? If the defense creates a turnover, is that a cause for celebration or alarm?

The one thing that is definite however, is that it is damn good to have football back. I got chills seeing Favre run out of the tunnel. I'm beyond happy that he came back for another season.

Thoughts on the scrimmage:

-Cory Rodgers is fast. You might say he's as fast as a speeding bullet shot into the air. There's not a lot of things in football that are prettier than a WR catching a slant and pulling away from the defense for a big gain.

-I can see what the hype of Greg Jennings is all about. He runs nice routes, has good speed, catches it with his hands. They've been raving about him all week.

-Abdul Hodge is a beast. I still can't believe he was there in the third round. He had 9 tackles during the scrimmage tonight and he absolutely popped the 90th string running back behind the line of scrimmage.

-AJ Hawk was quiet. I'm sure he was still getting his head around things, and he obviously has a nose for the ball, but he didn't make any plays of note that I can recall.

-Aaron Rodgers throws a really nice ball. He was victimized by drops early on, but he had one absolutely gorgeous touch pass that he dropped in over the DB. I also don't see what the concern over his arm strength is about. He looked like he threw with some pop.

-Noah Herron is really fast too. Wouldn't surprise me a bit if he makes the team over Poop Davenport. Gado looked good as well.

-Really happy that Nick Collins didn't hurt himself. He slipped on some concrete on the sideline by the stands and went feet first into the metal railing and landed hard on his tailbone. Thankfully it looked a lot worse than it was.

-My big concerns are with Left Tackle and Kicker. LT is fine with Clifton in there, but with Kevin Barry and Adrian Klemm already out for the year, the depth on the line is suspect. Junius Coston played out there tonight. Baring in mind that he has only had 2 practices at LT, if he plays like that, he's going to get Brett Favre killed. KGB just abused him. Both the kickers missed FGs they need to make, especially being that conditions at Lambeau won't get better than they were tonight. Edinger was in for a workout this week, and neither Cundiff or Rayner did anything to keep the GM from looking at other kickers.

-Disappointed that Woodson didn't play because of a hip flexor injury, but it sounds like it's a very minor injury so I'm not worried about it.

Overall I was impressed with the increase in team speed on defense. They looked a lot faster than a year ago--though that could also be that I haven't seen football in awhile. If they get anything out of the offensive line, I think that they could be a surprising team this year. The defense was pretty good last year and they've improved all three position groups.

I can't wait for the season to get going.

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