Saturday, February 11, 2006

LSSU 3, Michigan 2 (ot)

First off, post of the year by Mike Spath on The Wolverine.

Gents, wouldn't it be far nicer to let 6 or GFunk post when they have something as opposed to constantly begging for information.
That has been one of the most absolutely annoying developments in message board history. I really think 75% of the posts the last month have started "Mods, 6, GFunk........." Lord. Thank you Spath.

Now onto that abortion of a hockey game:

I hate hockey games like that. The trap bores me silly. But frankly, I'm not so sure that's not the style I would play against Michigan. Play defense, limit their quality scoring chances, because you know we're going to get impatient and you know we're going to make 4 or 5 big mistakes throughout the course of the game. You just have to capitalize on a couple of em and you're in business. Plus you know we're going to give up at least one terrible goal every game (last night it was the first one. How'd that go in exactly?)

Honestly, I'd have a hard time picking out anyone that played well last night, and I'd have trouble picking out anyone who sucked. It was just a boring, boring, boring hockey game. I hate playing LSSU.

One person I will say played well was Tyler Swystun. That was the first time in a LONG time that he's shown anything indicating he could potentially be more than a 12th forward in college. Great play on the goal he got an assist on, and he had a really nice effort in close that almost ended up in the net.

Apart from that, it was another game with a lot of low-percentage shots. Probably the most boring 70-80 shot hockey game I've ever seen.

What the hell was our team doing on the overtime goal? It looked like we got the puck cleared and then all 3 of our forwards just completely stopped skating, like they were either expecting someone else to go get it, or they thought the play was gonna be blown dead. At least Hensick admitted postgame that they screwed up on that one....

We're just not a very good hockey team. But like I've said all along, I bet Denver fans were saying the same thing 2 years ago. If the light finally goes on, no one's going to want to play them. Keep playing like this, and we're 1 and done for the second time in our history...

It just scares me that I'm starting to feel about this team the way I feel about the football team right now. I get excited as all getup when they score/win, but when they lose I just can't get mad about it.

5 home losses in a season? Are you freaking kidding me? Five?? I guess it's only fitting with Michigan football losing 3 at home this year and the Packers dropping 5 at Lambeau.....Awesome.


Anonymous said...

What do you mean because of Jck? Jack came back from WJ'rs and has not been able to play with the same caliber players. Raelistikly, how do you expect JJ to adjust to some of the UM players when he was with the BEST U_20 players in the world? Is it too much for him to expect to pass and then RECEIVE a pass from a teammate-tape to tape! Is it possible JJ has already passed College hockey and needs a new challenge? Maybe after World Juniors, where he was toe to toe with players like Malkin, he is bored? He's a kid and maybe doesn' t ev4n know it. Thoughts?

Packer487 said...


Colin's "because of Jack" comment was a COMPLIMENT, if I'm not mistaken.

Paraphrase: The Ebbett line was the only one that broke the trap, but that was probably because of Jack [and his passing].

I hope to hell that you don't personally know Jack and are telling him that all these people are ripping on him--just because you're reading stuff into comments and not getting what the person is saying....