Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Hobey Ballot

Western College Hockey is doing a blog vote for the Hobey, so here's my ballot as it stands right now:

1 (5 points). Chris Collins (Forward, BC): The nation's leading goal scorer, second in points, second in points per game, just out of the top 20 in assists, and his team is doing fairly well. Plus I actually got to see him in person this year and he impressed the living hell out of me.

2 (4 points). Brian Elliott (Goalie, Wisconsin): 18-2-2, .944, 1.40. Stats lie sometimes, but you don't need to see a whole lot more than that with this kid. Wiscy was the consensus #1 until he got injured, and his injury is the only reason that I leave him out of the #1 spot right now. If he comes back strong, give him the award.

3 (3 points). Scott Parse (Forward, UNO): The nation's leading scorer, #1 in points per game, #2 in assists. UNO is 9th in the unadjusted Pairwise right now, and if they make the tournament, that's a big boost for his bid.

4 (2 points). Jeff Zatkoff (Goalie, Miami): He splits time, or he'd be higher. Honestly, who had Miami winning the CCHA, let alone getting a cup of coffee as the #1 team in the entire country? .938 and 1.75 go a long way toward that. Gotta give someone on that team their due, and Zatkoff is as good of a choice as any.

5 (1 point). Matt Carle (Defenseman, Denver): The top scoring defenseman in the country for the two-time champs, who are starting to get a little feisty. I had him pencilled in at #3, but as Andy Hilbert learned, pencils have erasers, and my keyboard has a backspace key. I can't give it to someone whose team probably isn't going to make the tournament. If Denver gets in, slide him up to #3.

My remaining 5 finalists: Brett Sterling, Ryan Potulny, Cory Schneider, Jamie Hunt as the token small school player, and Jeff Jakaitis because really? Lake State? Really? He would also be my "wildcard" pick for someone that shouldn't win it, but should at least get a mention.


Anonymous said...

I am not writing about the hobey, rather about Jack Johnson. Reason, an article, rather more than one and numerous radio talk shows have said that JJ's parents met with Mr. Karmonos, Hurricanes owner, before the Super Bowl and they want him to sign NOW! reason, get him accustomed to the NHL before the playoffs. Please say it aint so! It is obvious he is way better than college, but he can't leave now, please, at least one more year. The Hurricanes want an answer after the Olympics. I do know this from a very close friend of his family's, that they are not thrilled with playing every 3rd shift on D. Even the Toronto paper questioned why this kid isn't out every other shift. Could this lead to his leaving? We NEED him, it would be so great for the program and all of Ann Arbor. Maybe we need to stop and appreciate what we really have. Your insight is welcomed.

Packer487 said...

They've tried signing him so many times this year, I just can't see Jack bailing in the middle of our season. Honestly, I'd lose a lot of respect for him if he did that.

I also can't see the Hurricanes (one of the top 2 teams in hockey) thinking that he's going to step into their lineup and play right away. I don't know that he's ready for the NHL as of right now....I love watching the kid, but he hasn't been nearly as good the last couple months as he was at the start of the season. He's played better as of late definitely, but I still think he could use some seasoning.

Anonymous said...

agreed , he could use some seasoning. But then, who can't? JJ WAS better at the start because he set out to prove he belonged and wanted to prove himself. After World Juniors, where he PROVED he was the BEST D man U-20, maybe it's been tough to play at the same level. I read an article where he himself said, one night I'm playing against Malkin, then the next against Fairbanks. Has to be tough. Give the kid a break, he's young and the best player EVER to play at UM as a freshman, NO ONE HAS COME CLOSE to his accolades and apparent potential. Let's all support him and enjoy him.