Sunday, November 20, 2011

Vote JMFJ For All-Star

Alright folks, on a happier note, it's time to support one of my all-time favorites! The Vote For Jack Johnson campaign is on for the NHL All-Star Game. His numbers aren't gaudy (4-5--9, -3) but JMFJ is sixth in points on the Kings, has played 20+ minutes in every game, and is a top-pairing defenseman on a team that is 7th in the league in goals against as is tied for the lead in their division. He's also managed to only take six penalties in 20 games. He's also third in the league in game-winning goals (3).

Vote for JMFJ by pointing your browser to You can vote 30 times online, 30 times on a SmartPhone, and 30 times by texting "Jack Johnson" to 81812. I don't think texting "JMFJ" will work, though it should.

Make it happen! I just voted my 30 times online and it took roughly 7 minutes. I was hoping "JMFJ" would come up in the Captcha form, but no such luck.

Also, Max Pacioretty has 9-8--17 in 20 games. He'd be a good write-in candidate.

(Also it was fun to see that my site is on the first page of Google search results for "Jack Johnson" and is the first hockey result.) 


Anonymous said...

Jack is no all star. he is an average defenseman. he used to be a pylon, but is still in minus numbers. he is a good kid though, vote him so his dad can make an ass of himself at the allstae game.

Brad said...

At this point I agree he's no all-star, he's reaching a point in his career where he needs to become a reliable all-situation defenseman or he risks becoming just a PP specialist. He's gotten better, hopefully he becomes a complete player soon, as he's one of my all-time favorites too.