Wednesday, June 15, 2011

More Outdoor Hockey!

Fun times in Cleveland this winter! Cleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeveland!

Based on all the smiles I saw at the Camp Randall Hockey Classic and The Big Chill at The Big House, I can't imagine that anyone is tiring of outdoor hockey. That's a good thing because reports are that the Wolverines will travel to Cleveland to take on Ohio State at Progressive Field this coming season. Progressive Field is where the Cleveland Indians play. (It's kind of cool that this story actually hit the front page of

Stephen Nesbitt reported the game will be January 15, 2012. I had heard that the game would be played on a Sunday (following a game at The Schott on Friday), so that makes sense.

This would be the fourth outdoor game for Michigan (and the third for a good number of players on the team) and the second for the Buckeyes. They played Wisconsin at Lambeau Field a few years back.

And if you don't think for a second that I won't be getting my picture with the Moses Cleveland statue, you're crazy. He's the guy who invented Cleveland, YEAH!!!

I'm excited. I've always been of the position that more outdoor hockey is a great thing.

In other news, the new scoreboard is going in at Yost and it's massive. Check this out:

That doesn't even include the rings, which should be added today. As much as I'll miss "GO, FIGHT, WIN!", the new scoreboard is going to be awesome!

Also, MHNet mentioned that Northeastern will be visiting Yost this season. They'll play the day after Thanksgiving, since Wisconsin wussed out of the College Hockey Showcase.


Michael gatien said...

I cant WAIT for these new scoreboard, I also cant wait to see Michigan Stadium's or Criser Arena's.


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