Monday, January 31, 2011

Having a Seat Over There: Alex Kile

Another nice catch by MHNet. Just a couple of days after nabbing a commit from Max Shuart, the Wolverines pulled another player out of the MWEHL. This time it's Alex Kile, a forward for Detroit Honeybaked Midget Major. Honeybaked lists him at 5'11" 190. He currently has 18-19--37 in 32 games with just 6 PIMs.

He leads Honeybaked in goals, assists and points and is 11th in goals and 9th in points in the MWEHL.  It's worth noting that several of the guys in front of him are 92s, and he's a 94.

Last year with Honeybaked he had 13-13--26 in 33 games, which was good for sixth on the team.

As Jason pointed out, Shuart and Kile are very close in age, but Shuart is listed as a 2012 commit and Kile is listed as a 2013. That's how I'll list them on the sidebar until I hear otherwise.

He was a 14th round pick of London in the OHL Draft. Green Bay holds his USHL Futures rights.

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