Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sales Brisk for The Big Chill at The Big House

Holy buckets! According to Michigan Hockey's Twitter feed, they've sold 60,000 tickets for The Big Chill at The Big House. This is before tickets have even gone on sale to the general public. That happens at 8:30 am on Wednesday. According to the Detroit News, the seats available are in sections 7-14 and 38. Basically just endzone seats.

As a reminder, the current world record for attendance at a hockey game is 74,554 at The Cold War. It seems like Michigan will be a lock to not only break the record, but shatter it and put it virtually out of reach unless we decide to host a Big Chill 2.

I'm really impressed with the Michigan fans. Tickets for this game were more expensive than they were for the Camp Randall Hockey Classic, the economy is worse in Michigan, and yet sales were very slow for the CRHC. Attendance for that game was just a ticket over 55,000. Michigan has already exceeded that in ticket sales. Now we just have to win one of these darn games!

In other news, CH247 has another story about a potential 2012 prospect for the Wolverines: Honeybaked Defenseman Grant Webermin. He had 2-11--13 in 32 games for Honeybaked Midget Minor this season.


streaker said...

Kudos to Michigan fans, but also fans of hockey in and around SE Michigan. I bet a ton of MSU fans have purchased seats, too. It was smart to have this rematch as opposed to another school- which is why I think the Camp Randall classic was down. The other thing is, having an outdoor game in the coldest part of the winter is a real turnoff. December may not be any better for the ice, but it won't be Jan/Feb weather for the fans.

Anonymous said...

wearin throwbacks... yesss!