Thursday, February 04, 2010

Don't Forget, BGSU Tonight

The Wolverines will have a rare Thursday game against at Bowling Green against the Falcons. The game will be streamed on the B2 Network for a fee.

Quick facts:
-BGSU is 4-18-4 this year.
-One of those wins was against us.
-That win is still their only win away from home this year. They're 0-11-3 in the other 14. Nice, guys.
-They beat WMU in a shootout and won the other game last weekend.
-Before that, they had only won one of the last thirteen. (They also beat ND in a shootout in there.)
-Leading scorer: Freshman Jordan Samuels-Thomas. Hyphen has 9-12--21 in 26 games.
-Nick Eno has played most of their games in net. He's 4-10-3 with a 3.20/.897. Freshman Andrew Hammond is 0-8-1 with a 4.14/.885. Eno made 29 stops in their earlier win against Michigan.
-#53 offense in the country at 2.12 gpg. Only Holy Cross, Tech, WMU, American, and "The" UConn have worse offenses. #54 defense. Only Clarkson, UConn, American, and Tech are worse.
-12.9% on the PP. Ehht. 75.0% PK. Ehht.

I probably should have written something about the second game of the weekend against Michigan State.

Maybe it wasn't the most well-played game in history, but that was one hell of a hockey game. I have to admit, that team showed me something. I had them written off completely ("Game over. Season over.") after FYS came from 3-0 down to take a 4-3 lead. Then Carl Hagelin makes a game (and season?) changing play, stealing the puck from Drew Palmisano and finding Matt Rust for a short-handed goal. Chris Brown banged one in a couple minutes later and the Wolverines had a 5-4 win.

We're still a retarded hockey team. We take some of the dumbest penalties. Four days later and I can think of several off the top of my head: Vaughan and Caporusso both took penalties for running the goalie for no reason. Hagelin (of all people) took a terrible penalty for bopping Krug by the bench. State scored on that power play. It's just a constant string of stupid play. Even with a great penalty kill, it still doesn't help.

I thought we did a pretty nice job of getting pucks to Brian Lebler in the slot this weekend. We might not have anyone on the team that can really one-time it, but Lebler did a pretty nice job in the Pacioretty role this past weekend. He got off several really good chances, and buried one of them.

Running out of time to make a move for the tournament, short of winning the CCHAs. That loss Friday night really hurt. Dammit.


Anonymous said...

I agree they did show up on Saturday ready to play and it showed. I'm glad they made it harder for Tropp on Saturday to skate the ice without a body on him.

Anonymous said...

I understand the rare Thursday game, especially with the Camp Randall "Classic" on Saturday... but why the even weirder Tuesday game against BGSU next week? Are our home-and-homes against them Thursday-Tuesday now? weird.

streaker said...

5 games in 10 days concerns me more, especially with four of them on the road. This is the whole season, really,since they can't afford to stumble, except maybe the Wisky game.But playing a doormat is never easy for Michigan, and then going to UNO is no picnic, especially when they are one of the teams battling for a 4th place spot. Plus, you have the obsession factor with UNO fans, having never swept Michigan. Last chance, so the stars are aligning for Michigan haters.

streaker said...

Michigan beats BG 2-1, two first period PP goals. Hogan made a huge save in the last two minutes on a BG PP to preserve the win.