Friday, January 08, 2010

Fast Facts About WMU

Probably not writing enough to call this a true "10 Things to Know" so here are some fast facts to get you ready for the series against WMU this weekend:
-WMU is 6-10-4 on the season and 2-9-3-1 in the CCHA, which means, yikes!, they're actually behind us in the standings!
-They started the year 4-0-0, which means they've won just two of their last sixteen.
-They've been shut-out in three of their last four, including a 0-0 tie against Bemidji.
-Leading scorer is JJ Crew, with 7-6--13. Greg Squires has 1-12--13.
-Riley Gill gets most of the work in net and he's still pretty darn good: He's 5-7-3 on the season but he has a 2.38/.929.
-Offense is #54 out of 59, at 2.10 goals per game. Only BGSU, Tech, American, and "The Yukon"--as my brother would say--are worse.
-Defense is 19th at 2.60 goals per game.
-Power Play: 11.3%...toward the bottom
-Penalty Kill: 82.2%, which is middle of the pack
-Michigan has actually won 7 in a row at Lawson.
-After this weekend, there is only one more game that won't be televised.
-It looks like the video for both games this weekend will be PPV. Friday's game is on WMU's website, Saturday on, which is lame since we used to get those games for free and I've heard less than glowing reviews of BTN's online coverage. If you're not going to actually, ya know, put games on TV, at least don't **** up our free live feeds, huh?
-Caporusso, Hagelin, and Rust all average a point per game or better against WMU. Hogan is 3-0-0 with a 1.07/.945 against the Broncos.

Need. Six. Points.

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streaker said...

They survived last night- thanks to 4 PPG's, since, at least in Hall and Wilkins mind, WMU was dumber than Michigan. Gill held WMU in- 47 shots- but our defensive lapses and Hogan's mental gaffe on the first goal kept Western in the game. Hopefully a better all around effort at Yost tonight.